Getting Started with Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning is the hottest tech buzzword we have been hearing for the last decade. Given the attention, machine learning has harbored and the sophisticated problems it has been solving, it may seem like magic. But it’s not, it’s a… Continue Reading →

Full Stack Development Syllabus 2021: The Complete Guide

Jack of all trades- A Full Stack Developer has to work in all the areas of Front End, Server-side(Back End), Database, and more. A profile so versatile definitely calls for a handsome package with an intriguing career. Then what does it… Continue Reading →

8 Tips To Protect Your Social Media Accounts & Personal Data

The strands of social media & the digital world have paved their way into more parts of our lives than ever before, and our privacy is at stake. People are often targeted with phishing and other malicious cyberattacks resulting in… Continue Reading →

The Beginner’s Guide To Closures In Javascript

Closures are one of the very basic building blocks in JavaScript. Undoubtedly, every JavaScript developer must have come across closures! And would have used Closures knowingly or unknowingly. The callbacks, higher-order, event handler functions can access variables from the outer… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Most Asked Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Overview It goes without saying Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Isn’t it? Even if you possess all the requisite skill sets, the ‘Interview fever’ can hold you back most of the time. That is to say, having the rights skills is… Continue Reading →

A Quick Walk With A Data Scientist| A Zestful Day!

“No job would be more sought-after over the next decade than Data Scientist.” the Harvard Business Review Stating Data Scientists as the sexiest jobs in the 21st century, the Harvard Business Review predicted an exponential demand for Data Scientists. Over… Continue Reading →

Why Do You Need To Focus On Data Structure & Algorithms?

Most of the time, the freshers/ CS students devalue the importance of learning algorithms and data structure considering it as irrelevant, complicated, or a waste of time. We all probably remember the big fat MIT publisher book of “Introduction to… Continue Reading →

You Need To Know This Before Stepping Into Full Stack Development| ZEN Q&A Series

Is Sundar Pichai your role model? Do you wish to build your way to top product companies like Google or Amazon? Are you a student looking to build a career in IT? Then this Q&A series on Full Stack Web Development… Continue Reading →

IIT-M Incubated GUVI Featured In YourStory

Are you a student aspiring to enter into the IT field? or Are you an IT professional looking to upskill or switch careers? Then probably you might be in search of a good Ed-Tech institutes where you can procure the… Continue Reading →

What Is The Difference Between var functionName = function and function functionName?

If you are reading “var functionName = function and function functionName,” we can understand how confusing it is for you. But, before your mind drifts towards more confusion, let us quickly tell you that “var functionName = function vs. function… Continue Reading →

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