10 things that college students can do in their vacation to improve their job prospects – Part 1

Hello friends, this is Rajaraman from Team GUVI.  Hope you are really enjoying your vacation.  Do you know something, I definitely miss my yearly vacations ever since I am out of the college life.  It is that time of the year, that we can play cricket, play lot of video games, watch a lot of cricket, enjoy time with friends, girlfriend(s), boyfriend(s), watch our favorite movies, watch all new movies, watch TV all day or simply do nothing 🙂

But you can do a few more things which will increase your job prospects by a big margin and make you clear your interviews easily.  So what are those things?  Let’s see them one by one.


Disclaimer:  Please read the offer document carefully before investing.   OOPS.  Sorry.  Pazhaka Thosham.  This was supposed to be MY disclaimer. Ok. This advise is mainly applicable to engineers (Especially final year) who are looking for job in software companies.  But some of the general advise can be applied for other jobs too.

Get Technically strong (In your favorite language or read a new language) (2-4 hours)

How many of you think you are very strong in your basic skills especially in programming? C? C++? JAVA? OOPS?  I hope not many.  Because by now, if you are very strong, you can skip this step and go to Step 2.  If you feel you are lacking something, go ahead and take these online courses.  It will take 2-4 hours max.

C Programming in Tamil

C++ Programming in Tamil

Java Programming in Tamil

Programming Courses in native languages

Courses in English

Take up a mini project in your area of interest (1-2 hours/day)

By far, the number one way to learn programming fast and also to showcase your worth to your recruiters is to have a Mini-Project.  It can be anything in your area of interest.  For example, I developed a Cricket simulator game in C language.  Nothing fancy, it was a command prompt game with no graphics.  But yet it simulated cricket scores and I built the intelligence inside the game.  So Sachin would play faster than Dravid, and Sehwag will play faster than Sachin, Dravid would not get out easily.  Do you want to know how I did those?  Just think for sometime.  You will get answers yourselves.

If you need help in choosing some mini projects, We have a list of Top 30 Mini Projects for College Students.

Attend a mentorship program (15 Days – 6 Weeks)

Imagine how good it would be to get personalized guidance from some expert professionals who knows in and out about the software industry or at least your field of interest.  You have read the theory.  He/She knows how those concepts are actually used in practice.  That is a great knowledge to acquire and you can do that with the help of a Professional Mentorship program.  With the help of a Mentorship program, you can get job ready in just 6 weeks.  See how to get a Software Job in 6 weeks.

If you wish to know more about Mentorship program, click here.

Do mini-internship in a startup (4-8hours/day for 15 days)

Do you want a quick preview of how an office atmosphere would look like?  Come to a startup and do a mini internship.  It will help you get a glimpse of what’s in store in a startup environment.  You need to feel that excitement in a startup.  Do you want to apply for startup internships?  Apply here.

Create a Linkedin Profile (1-2 hours)

Do you have a Facebook account?  I know it’s a stupid question.  You have one.  Isn’t it?  A Facebook account means that you exist in the world.  A LinkedIn account means that you exist in the professional world.  So create a LinkedIn profile for yourself.  Just take sometime to fill out your details, your projects, etc.

Advantages are:

  • You get to network with professionals (HR professionals, Professionals from your favorite companies)
  • You can include your LinkedIn Profile in your resume which will be seen as a value add.

Network with professionals

Try to meet your alumnis / professionals and get some knowledge from them.  You can use LinkedIn as a medium to start the discussions.

Attend meetups in your city (4 hours on select weekends)

A lot of passionate folks are organizing meetups/group discussions around a lot of topic.  Just pick your favorite topic and search for a meetup that is happening in your locality either through Facebook Groups or through

Create/Update your resume (1-3 hours)

Have you started preparing your resume yet?  If not, start doing it now.  It’s been proven that if you do something in writing, it makes it more clear.  Same is the case with your resume.  If you try to write down your skills and achievements, you will definitely think what you are missing and what you might want to add.  You will get more confidence if you DON’T COPY the resume from someone.

If you already have a resume, then great.  Go ahead and update it with whatever mini projects that you have done, mini courses you have taken, internships you have taken.  That is going to add a lot of value.

Refresh Algorithms and DataStructures (1 hour/day for 2 weeks)

If you like it, you have to read and get thorough with it.  If you don’t like it, then also you have to read and get thorough with it.  So basically you can’t escape from this.  If you want to crack the top companies, you should be damn good with datastructures and algorithms.  Try learning the concepts, solve some datastructures and algorithms problems.

Attend a Hackathon in your city (2 days)

Hope you are aware what a Hackathon is.  If not, please go ahead and read “What is a Hackathon?“.  I am planning to write a separate blog post about Hackathons.  But for now, just have this in mind.  A Hackathon can literally change your life.  Read our story “Life Changing Hackathon Experience of 4 College graduates from rural background”.  It can give so much confidence to you that it will become a critical decider in your career.  The whole experience can be so exciting that you will love to do it again.

If you are interested in attending a Hackathon, please fill this form.  We will be conducting a hackathon pretty soon.

What else can you do in your vacation to increase your job prospects?  Please reply in the comments section.

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