1500+ Java Interview Questions & Answers

Welcome to GUVI blogs.  We come across millions of searches per day for a single query- Java Interview Questions & Answers. And it’s quite obvious considering the tremendously increasing demand and interest for Java developers.

Bridging the same gap for the requirement, we have brought to you this article. Here is a large collection of Java Interview Questions & Answers aggregated from various external sources. Few of them have questions segregated by topics. So here we go with the list.

Java Questions And Answers For You!

1. TutorialsPoint Interview Questions (143 Questions & Answers)

1500+ java interview questions Questions: 143 Segregated by Topic: No Advanced Topics: No

2. JavaCodeGeeks Interview Questions (115 Questions And Answers)

JavaCodeGeeks-logo Questions: 201 Segregated by Topic: Yes Advanced Topics: Yes.  J2EE topics.

3. Javatpoint Java Interview Questions (201 Java Questions & Answers)

javatpoint-logo Questions: 201 Segregated by Topic: Yes Advanced Topics: No.   [maxbutton id=”1″]

4. Indiabix Interview Questions (98 Java Questions And Answers)

indiabix-logo  Questions: 98 Segregated by Topic: No Advanced Topics: Yes.

5. CareerRide Interview Questions (700 Questions And answers)

cride-logo Questions: 700  Segregation by Topic: No Advanced Topics: Yes**** 

6. ProgramCreek Java Interview Questions (150 Questions & answers)

progcreek-logo More like an FAQ.  But beautifully explained with visuals. Questions: 150 Segregated by topic: Yes Advanced Concepts also: No

7. Journaldev Interview Questions (200 Java Questions And Answers)

Final-JD-Logo Questions: 200 Segregated by topic: Yes Advanced Concepts: Yes, J2EE Got any more important sites to add that we have left out?  Please go ahead and share it with us in the comments section.   [maxbutton id=”1″]

So this list gives you thousands of most frequently asked Java Questions and Answers. As a Java Developer, you will face multiple Interviews and Written tests before landing on the apt job that you deserve. To be Job-ready and become well-versed with Java, preparing yourself to face the critical questions of Java is equally important. Sometimes only knowing the code solution is not just enough. You should know how to explain it in words and convince the interviewer that you really have a solid foundation in the subject.

Wrapping Up

Immaterial of whether you are a beginner Java Developer or an experienced Java Geek, you still have to deal with Java Questions!

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The key is to never stop learning. So, keep learning and keep growing!

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