Day: 20 August 2014

database servers

Database Servers Made Easy! [Visual Representation]

Here is a list of the top enterprise database server systems. MySQL Oracle RDMS IBM Db2 PostgreSQL SAP HANA MongoDB Amazon RDS TeamDesk Knack Microsoft SQL Server We all use several different websites on a daily basis, right? Mostly all of them use databases to collect and store the data. Have you ever asked yourself how …

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Linked List -part 2

      LINKED LIST Definition: A Linked list is a sequence of items(objects) where every item is linked to the next. ->Each node stores -element -link   to  the next node. Graphical    structure: Eg:   NOTE: Linked list last node pointer should be null always. payload/elements/Data can be anything like city name,number,characters,etc. For complex structures use linked …

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