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Here’s a list of simple yet creative Project Ideas of 2019 :

Project Ideas

  1. Creating your Own Search Engine.Click here to see a list of Sample Submissions
  2. URL Shortener Sample Projects
  3. A Twitter Client. Sample Projects
  4. CRUD app To manage a hospital with doctors,patients and Appointments Sample Projects
  5. Make a list that would automatically play your Favorite youtube Songs.Sample Projects
  6. To-do List with an Email Reminder. Sample Projects
  7. Weather App Sample Projects
  8. Credit Card Fraud Detection. Sample Projects
  9. Youtube Trending Video Statistics. Sample Projects
  10. Exercise Tracker:Exercise Tracker is a revolutionary app for the fitness buff. Exercise Tracker uses the built-in sensors of Android Wear and Apple Watch to automatically detect exercises and count repetitions. This product offers apps for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and Android Wear.The companion phone app allows you to track your exercise pattern and display the summary of the workouts done and calories burnt. It should have a food recommendation page for the user. Design pages and flows for the above. Sample Projects
  11. Meeting Scheduling Web App Sample Projects
  12. DISTRIBUTED BANKING SYSTEM (DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING)This project depicts a fault tolerant banking system. It is composed of three main entities: an ATM, a Consortium and a Bank. The execution flows starting from the ATM, which creates a request message to be forwarded to the Bank through the Consortium. It done using a open source computing technology namely remote method invocation(RMI). Sample Projects
  13. Smart Parking System. Sample Projects

If you are interested in Mini Projects, Checkout the Mini Project Ideas Below :Top 30 Mini Project Ideas for Students

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