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“Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it is necessary all the time.” This is Martina Navratilova accurately articulating the importance and significance of privacy and data protection in the 21st century. From Twitter hacks of billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos to everyday data breaches faced by companies and individuals, cybersecurity has only proved to be more relevant as technology becomes more accessible, affordable, and advanced.

Cybersecurity, an essential field for today’s times, refers to securing digital infrastructure such as networks, systems, etc. from attacks. Cybersecurity measures are practiced (and enforced) by individuals and businesses to protect themselves and their assets on computerized systems from unsanctioned access. It is essential to know that cybersecurity is not important just for the rich and the successful, but also for those who share their data online to access basic services. Here are a few reasons why cybersecurity is super relevant today:

Cyberattacks affect everyone

Cyber attackers do not choose an entity based on the bank account of the individual or the firm. It can affect anyone, be it an ordinary individual or a big company. According to research conducted by Clark School at the University of Maryland, hackers attack a computer every 39 seconds. Cyberattacks affect big businesses and individuals who disclose their information and sensitive data over websites that may not be secure or are vulnerable to being hacked.

Cybercrime damages to exceed $6 trillion by 2021

Perhaps the most hard-hitting fact about cybercrime that validates the need for cybersecurity is the numbers associated with them. While cybercrime damages are predicted to exceed a staggering $6 trillion by 2021, the global spending on cybersecurity measures is projected to exceed $10 billion. This propels the need for cybersecurity in the digital age and highlights its importance for everyone to protect themselves against these catastrophic losses.

Incapacitation of organization

Did you know that businesses face over 4000 hacks using ransomware every day? Lack of proper cybersecurity can lead to the overall incapacitation of organizations, big and small.

Apart from these attacks from hackers, businesses can incur huge fines amounting to more than £122 billion if they fail to adhere to data protection laws. This is what is meant by incapacitation of organizations, a process through which they are rendered helpless and are unable to grow or carry out their day to day functions. Hence, organizations can go bankrupt from both ends, and this is why cybersecurity is imperative for them.

A threat to the privacy

Cybercrimes are not limited to businesses and organizations. Every day, consumers on the internet can be victims of phishing schemes, data breaches, identity thefts, and financial losses. According to a Netscout report, it takes only 5 minutes for an internet-connected device to be hacked, be it a smartphone, an automobile computer, a smart TV, or a home control system. Therefore, cybersecurity involves safeguarding everything and everyone, everywhere.

Why build a career in Cybersecurity with GUVI?

With the increasing internet economy and services increasingly shifting to web platforms, it has become more crucial than ever to protect critical information and data from malicious hackers looking to make money. Sounds like it’s essential to learn about cybersecurity through an effective course then? GUVI’s Zero to Hero cybersecurity course is here to help.

The GUVI course aims to equip individuals with skills in the basics of cybersecurity. The course aims at helping you with the implementation of technical strategies, tools, and techniques to secure data and information.

GUVI offers expertise in offensive security, cloud security architecture, security systems architecture, security teams management, and much more through this comprehensive course, which offers one-year access to users interested in this course. There are plenty of job opportunities through this course, such as Chief Information Security Officer, Security Engineer/Architect Analyst, Cryptographer/Cryptanalyst, Security Consultant, and Ethical Hacker, and more for individuals wishing to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

GUVI’s Zero to Hero course on cybersecurity encompasses essential concepts such as application security, information security, network security, disaster security, and operational security to provide you with relevant skills in this field to build your portfolio.


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