Month April 2021

Python * Single And **Double Asterisk Can’t Be Explained Any Better!

What do * (single asterisk) and ** (double asterisk) do for parameters in Python? Understanding the difference between them is vital for a Python programmer. To be clear, Python is a very straightforward language. That is to say, even a beginner can understand Python… Continue Reading →

Python-How To Read Input As Numbers?[The Easy Guide]

How can I read input as numbers? Is this what is pondering you? You might be wondering how developers often interact with the users. Well, it is possible with the use of the input function. Most importantly, the prime purpose of using… Continue Reading →

How To Make A Basic HTML Form In Flask?

Are you struggling to make a basic HTML form in Flask? In this article, we will make sure that you end up making one! Firstly, we will have a look at an example of using Flask with HTML forms. We… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Python Frameworks for Game development

Have you ever wondered how popular games in the gaming world, such as Battlefield 2, World of Tanks, and Pirates of the Caribbean, were created? Python programming through its different frameworks has become a popular option among developers.  It is… Continue Reading →

Explore a new career path with Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program!

Goldman Sachs, the premier investment bank has come up with a Goldman Sachs Returnship program for India. The program in Bengaluru is specifically designed for women trying to rejoin the workforce with a gap of 2+ years. The 12-week paid-program… Continue Reading →

Game Development Career 2021: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Are you phenomenally crazy about playing games? Do you think a Game Development Career is where you aspire to step in? Then this article calls for your attention.  While shooting down countless villains in Call of duty or racing through… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Programming Languages For Game Development

Have you considered recreating the fun Chrome Dinosaur game, you play, when your internet connection goes down? If Yes! You’ve got the game development traits already. That said, you are off for a good start! The code that runs a… Continue Reading →

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