5..4..3..2..1..GO…… GUVI Launches into startup orbit !!

Welcome to GUVI Blogs.  We are back after a long time and with a good news.  We have finally launched as a startup and we are incubated by IIT-Madras.  GUVI launched as a separate startup yesterday (June 29,2014) with plenty of energy and smiles.  And we had two special & visionary people – Vimal Kumar and Ramanathan, Founders of as our chief guests who brought plenty of energy to the tables.


It was a wonderful event filled with plenty of joy, wisdom and energy.  Here is the sequence of events that happened during the launch:

First, we had our opening talk by our Chief Guests – Vimal and Ram on their startup journey.  It was a great experience to see 2 entrepreneurs filling the entire room with so much energy and inspiration with their wisdom and practical advice.

Then, we had Arun talk about how things started and how GUVI happened.

Then, as a small token of appreciation, Arun & Sridevi provided GUVI T-shirts to all contributors.  Also we gifted a special prize to our Star Developer – Ragupathi, without whom, we would be nowhere in this journey.

Then to end the grand launch, we had cake cutting marking birthday of Gautam (Arun’s and Sridevi’s son) and the launch of GUVI.

Then we had Yatheesh giving a small speech about GUVI and Arun 🙂

In the end, we had a team photoshoot wearing GUVI Tshirts, we had a great time.


Key learnings from Vimal & Ram:

  • You don’t need that much money to startup.  You just need enough for the survival.  And the initial 1 or 2 years is all about the survival and trying to get your first clients.
  • The most important thing is to jump into things rather than planning or thinking too much
  • There are always ways to bypass the existing systems provided you think simple enough (For eg. bypassing the banks)
  • Be in the flow channel -> Do work like the artists do.  They least bother about the distractions and concentrate just on their work and output.  That is when good things start happening.
  • Importance of early adopters.  Always try to sell to people who are desperate to solve their pain points with your solutions
  • Always try to go for newer companies than well established ones, since it is difficult to challenge the status quo in established companies.
  • Networking and relationships are very important.  It will definitely help you in getting future clients.
  • When making deals, it is important to understand the other side, so we can make a compelling offer in the language that they understand.

Key learnings overall

  • Arun explained how GUVI actually started on the encouragement of just one solitary viewer.  That goes a long way in finding out that one person that believes in our idea or benefits from our idea.  That is a huge learning.
  • Story of GUVI showed how even smallest of encouragement from our friend, a small gesture of support from a friend who believes in the idea goes a long way in establishing a startup.
  • As founders, once you inspire others with the idea, it works wonders with the fact that others also get equally passionate about the idea and start contributing more.  Sometimes, they keep the engine running like what Ragu and others did during the dull periods.  That is the importance of building a great team, an inspired team.

Now that we have launched, we have a long way to go.  But we have our first progress in trying to change the world for some section of people.  And we will bring about plenty of change and enable a lot more people to bring about that change.  As a team, we can go to greater heights.  As a team, we can bring the change that we desire.  Quoting the legendary Steve Jobs, “Those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who actually end up doing it“.

With this inspiring note, I am signing off.  This is Rajaraman from Team GUVI.  Have a great time.

Team GUVI wearing GUVI Tshirt with pride:

guvi launch

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