6 Key Trends in Full Stack Development | Updated 2022

The modern digital world has a high demand for new technologies & every industry, say for example – digital marketing, fashion, or even the education industry religiously follows the software development trends to upgrade itself. So, what about the Full-stack development domain?

With a lot of useful apps finding their importance in recent times, the full-stack development domain is rapidly changing to make an impact in the real world. So, In order to pursue a futuristic career in Full-Stack development. It’s quite essential to follow the latest surprising trends of it. Before doing so, let’s quickly jump into the stats –

According to NASSCOM, India’s information technology (IT) sector registered a 15.5% growth, which is the highest in over a decade. Also, It is ready to become a USD 227 billion industry in FY’22. 

While the growth in each industry depends largely on the advancements in the software development field, which are tremendously contributed by full-stack developers. This speaks of the great demand for full-stack developers in the market.

Now, It’s time to explore the trends in the Full-Stack Development domain…,

#1 Trending Programming Languages 

Ahem! Almost all to about 70% of full-stack developers use ‘JavaScript’ to program the software. Well, this scripting language is popular for being greatly adaptable in developing hybrid applications. Also, it comes in handy to avoid any kind of complications in later stages of app development.

The other most popularly used languages are HTML/CSS which obtained 62.4%, SQL with 56.9%, Python with 41.6% & Java with 38.4%(According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow).

#2 Ahead with Artificial Intelligence

Now you might be wondering how AI turns out to be a top-class add-on skill for developers. We see that AI technology involves developing software that thinks intelligently like the human brain. With this, many organizations & e-commerce sites are competing to provide automated services, improvised suggestions & solutions to their end-users. Further, AI helps to increase the business in the software market. When developers expand their scope with Artificial Intelligence, the best advantageous & faster applications are developed. Isn’t AI & Development a great combo?

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#3 IoT makes it more interesting

Literally, the globe’s size got smaller by interconnecting digital devices through IoT(Internet of Things). Utilizing IoT proves to be the top favorite strategy of many businesses’ success in this generation. For incorporating IoT into the app of a business, who better than a full-stack developer could synchronize the devices with the app? With relevant hardware & software proficiency, a full-stack developer ideally fulfills the demands of IoT apps.

#4 Art of ‘Low-code Development’

Who doesn’t love minimal coding? Some modern developers build apps just by dragging & dropping features rather than using a model logic. It is a great way for entrepreneurs to pitch their projects to clients. However, Complex applications development isn’t 100% possible with fewer lines of code. 

But here’s an interesting stat – 

More than 90% of cars will be IoT-enabled by 2022(According to PWC estimates). This again contributes to a huge demand for full-stack developers. 

#5 IT Outsourcing & Freelancing 

Contracting projects & outsourcing are nothing new in the IT industry. Since the pandemic expanded the scope of remote work, many entrepreneurs adopted outsourcing culture. The top reason for about 70% of Outsourcing is cost reduction. Here, Full-stack developers(also freelance developers) along with the most wanted features like – multi versatility, better performance, & utmost dedication stood as the cost-cutting factor for many companies that run on their apps.

#6 Development in Metaverse

Currently, there’s an ongoing driving demand for full-stack developers who are eager to upgrade themselves with the newer technologies like IoT, Blockchain & Metaverse. And so, businesses strive to have competitive edge through the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality(AR)/Virtual Reality(VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Modeling, Edge Computing & 5G. Hence, Full-stack developers are hot-favorite for enabling innovations in meeting the business needs. Further, leading to more job opportunities with a positive career outlook.

Ultimately, the latest trends will help us understand the growth in any industry. When businesses wish to benefit from the latest trends, then there is an equivalent upsurge in the demand for skilled professionals. Altogether, we can see the important role played by the high-earning full-stack developers in the Digital World.  

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