Simple Project Ideas! 12th One Is Not-To-Be Missed!

Simple project ideas

Are you a coding geek? or Are you someone who is trying to master the skills to become one? In either case, jumping onto a good project and getting started with that is challenging. There are multifold project ideas out there in the market that are interesting and simple at the same time.

No more juggling in search of easy & simple project ideas! Then, here’s a list of simple yet creative Project Ideas

Some Intriguing Project Ideas

1. Simple Calculator

Simple Calculator

Click here to see a list of Sample Submissions

Specifications and Constraints

  • Firstly, have an input field to get input values
  • Display a drop-down list/button to choose an operation
  • Have a button to display the result
  • The design should be responsive and compatible with all devices
  • The application should have good UI/UX
  • Finally, if it is a Web App use HTML5 semantic elements

2. Shopping Mart

It is one of the most in-demand Project Ideas that you can create. Personal use or professional purpose, a Shopping Mart Project is one simple project idea that you can make a great profit from.

Shopping Mart project is a web-based shopping system for any existing/future shop. Firstly, the project objective is to deliver the online shopping application.

Shopping Garments Buy Online Shop Flat Color Icon Vector, Online Icons,  Shop Icons, Shopping Icons PNG and Vector with Transparent Background for  Free Download

Furthermore, it is an attempt to provide the advantages of online shopping to customers of a real shop. So, buying the products in the shop anywhere through the internet is made accessible via this Shopping App. Then, the customers will get the service of online shopping and home delivery from their favorite shop. 

Specifications and Constraints

  • Design a page for shopping mart with their items and price.
  • Calculate the bill for the user after purchasing his/her needs.
  • Maintain a database (SQL, Oracle) for customers with their personal details.
  • This can be done by using reactjs/angularjs/bootstrap for the front end and PHP, ruby, python for the back end.

3. Currency Converter

Design a Web/Mobile application that helps to check exchange rates and convert from one to another. So, let’s move on! Understand the requirements and constraints for this project.

Specifications and Constraints

  • Have an input field to get input currency
  • Choose a drop-down list of currencies to pick one for converting
  • The design should be responsive and compatible with all devices
  • Moreover, the application should have good UI/UX
  • In addition to this, if it is a Web App use HTML5 semantic elements

4. Hangman game

Build a hangman game as a web/mobile application. Firstly, Hangman is a word puzzle game in which the player guesses the word within given chances. In short, he/she loses if they fail to find the word within those chances.

285 BEST Hangman Game IMAGES, STOCK PHOTOS & VECTORS | Adobe Stock

Specifications and Constraints

  • Firstly, have buttons for the alphabets
  • Alert user for every wrong guess and right guess
  • Update points for each correct guess
  • Alert player if he failed to find the word within the given chance
  • The design should be responsive and compatible with all devices
  • Above all, the application should have good UI/UX
  • If it is a Web App use HTML5 semantic elements

5. Personal-to-do List

Design and develop a Web/Mobile application that is used to manage and prioritize the tasks/goals to be completed.

Making To Do Lists Fun - Clean and Scentsible

Specification and Constraints

  • To start with, have an input field to get the task.
  • Most importantly, hava a submit button to save the task
  • You may store the task in a local variable. In short, Database is not compulsory.
  • Have a feature to rearrange the task based on the user priority.
  • The design should be responsive and it should be compatible withall devices.
  • The application should have good UI/UX.
  • If it is a web App use HTML5 semantic elements.

So, go ahead and make the best version of this project.

6. TimeZone Converter

Design a Web/Mobile application that converts time instantly as you type between major world countries, cities, and time zones in both directions. So, what are the requisites for this project?

Specifications and Constraints

  • Have an input field to get input time
  • Create a drop-down list for choosing a country/city/time zone to beconverted
  • Build a feature to convert time in both directions
  • The design should be responsive and compatible with all devices
  • The application should have good UI/UX
  • If it is a Web App use HTML5 semantic elements

7. Credit Card Fraud Detection System

Credit card frauds are happening in large amounts and also some banking companies. It is also commonly faced by the companies giving service to banks. To detect these fraudulent activities, the credit card fraud detection system can be implemented.

Specifications and Constraints

  • Firstly, the system stores previous transaction patterns for each user.
  • Furthemore, based upon the user spending ability and even country, it calculates user’s characteristics.
  • More than 20 -30 %deviation of users transaction(spending history and operating country) is considered as an invalid attempt and system takes action.

Software Requirements:

  • Windows Xp, Windows 7(ultimate, enterprise)
  • Sql 2008
  • Visual studio 2010

Hardware Components:

  • Processor – i3
  • Min Hard Disk – 4 GB
  • Min Memory – 1GB RAM

Some other interesting Project Ideas that you can work on are

8. Google Search Engine

This is a very essential project that you can make. Moreover, a project similar to Google Search Engine can be a very good project to laud in your resume. Find one idea here in the link below:


google" Meme Templates - Imgflip

9. URL Shortener



10. A Twitter Client

Here is another project idea that is in vogue, like Twitter itself!


11. CRUD app To manage a hospital with doctors, patients, and Appointments

12. YouTube Trending Video Statistics

25 YouTube Stats to Power Your 2021 Marketing Strategy | Sprout Social

Sample Project

13. Weather App

Another essential Project Idea is here.

Sample Project

14. Exercise Tracker:

It is a revolutionary app for the fitness buff.

Most importantly, Exercise Tracker uses the built-in sensors of Android Wear and Apple Watch to automatically detect exercises and count repetitions. Moreover, this product offers apps for iOS, Apple Watch, Android, and Android Wear.

The companion phone app allows you to track your exercise pattern and display a summary of the workouts done and calories burnt. It should have a food recommendation page for the user. Design pages and flows for the above. Sample Projects

In addition to the promised 10 Simple Creative Project Ideas, we want to provide a few more ideas. These are equally simple and creative at the same time. Also, For students who are really curious and eager to find more such project ideas, feel free to visit: GUVI Blogs.

More Simple Creative Project Ideas for you

15. Quiz Website:

Firstly, design a web page for the quiz competition. And display the results for the candidates after completing the quiz. You can store the results in the database(SQL, Oracle). And then display the top 5 candidates on the home page. Here, this can be done by using reactjs/angularjs/bootstrap for the front end and PHP, ruby, python for the back end.

16. Distributed Banking System


This project depicts a fault-tolerant banking system.

It is composed of three main entities:

an ATM,

a Consortium, and

a Bank.

The execution flows starting from the ATM, which creates a request message to be forwarded to the Bank through the Consortium. You can easily do it using an open-source computing technology namely remote method invocation(RMI). Sample Projects

17. Smart Parking System

Last but not least on our list is this simple project idea!

Smart Parking System -

Sample Projects

Are keen to find out more interesting Mini Projects? Then, you should certainly check out the Mini Project Ideas Below: Top 30 Mini Project Ideas for Students.

While these project ideas stand great on their own, you can even customize them and pour your additional valuable inputs. By the way, making any simple idea creative is completely your take on them. So, go ahead and create tech wonders while building extraordinary projects for your College final year projects and more.

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