8 Profound usage of PHP

  1. PHP is traditionally focused on the server-side scripting language. There is three main goal which targets the server side scripting language. Target 1 -> PHP Parser (CGI) where parser does the analysis and manipulate any application which deals with the code. The Parser constructs the Abstract syntax tree (AST) , which also known as Node tree analyze the code of any application in an abstract and robust way Target 2 -> Web Server as it behaves as the “ready-to-use” personal host, where you need to run the server with the connected PHP installation, which helps to share your personal website on the internet. Target 3 -> Web Browser, helps in accessing your PHP program output, from the PHP page through the server.

  2. We can make the PHP script run without the server or browser. This can be done with the help of the PHP parser to mold to use it. These types of scripts can be used often in Con(Linux) or Task scheduler(Windows).

  3. PHP also helps in the creation of client side application which uses the PHP extension PHP-GTK. Also, it helps to create the cross-platform application.

  4. The most significant feature of the PHP, its supports the wide range of databases like MySQL, PDO (abstraction layer), Couch DB, ODBC(open database connection) and much more. 1

  5. PHP is very adaptable to major operating systems, which includes Linux, types of Unix variants, Windows, Mac and more others.

  6. PHP is supported and ability to make a conversation with other service members like LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, HTTP, NNTP, POP3, COM and other service members. And it supports WDDX to exchange data virtually. PHP chat

  7. PHP Extends his hands to text processing features like PCRE (Pearl compatible regular expression) and many extension and tools.

  8. PHP embeds into the various languages like HTML, JavaScript and much more to make it lively.

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