8+Special Surprises for 8 years of EdTech Excellence | GUVI Anniversary

2014. When India began the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as a national-level campaign to reflect a clean & green India. Concurrently, the trinity founders of GUVI set foot to redefine the EdTech industry with innovative approaches to impart tech skills to aspirants in every nook and corner. And, now here with special surprises.

The foundation stone to establish GUVI was laid by Arunprakash M, where it all started with his YouTube tutorial on coding in ‘Tanglish’ (Tamil + English). Which touched more than one million views in a short span of time. Consequently, this proves to be enough validation for Arunprakash for joining hands with Co-founders. It’s with his supportive wife Sridevi & his thoughtful friend-Balamurugan to bring life to the GUVI’s vision & mission. 

What’s New NOW with the Special Surprises on GUVI?

GUVI, with the talented team, is now celebrating 8 years of success while nourishing a standard of excellence in the Edtech industry. Well, in the first place, GUVI is India’s renowned vernacular online platform that offers technological upskilling. And, this is for wide range of classified learners such as college students, fresh graduates, job seekers & even career switchers. Pretty much justifying the word ‘vernacular’ by offering online IT courses & training in native languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, & Bengali other than just English. 

Journey of GUVI

This 8-year founding anniversary celebration is worth noting of the fact that GUVI opens the gateway for Free Upskilling to you all. About 6 online platforms, namely, ZEN class, Self-paced courses, Hyre for corporate needs, HackerKid, Codekata & WedKata. And, all are brand new pedagogical tools for its learners, GUVI accelerates to upskill anywhere, anytime, anyone who deserves it. 

Being a dynamic co-founder, Balamurugan SP has expressed his pensive thoughts through GUVI-

“Democratizing the learning & job opportunities regardless of the language and demography has always been a guiding light in GUVI journey. GUVI is not just a company, it’s a network of Geeks who aspires and makes the dreams of every learner a reality. Every Team member, Mentors, Authors, Recruiters, Ecosystem drivers made GUVI of what it is today. Excited to step into the 8th year and looking forward to make much meaningful impact together in the years to come…”

So, on this anniversary occasion, What are the Special Surprises that keep you motivated for this Monsoon season?

#1 Light of Hope  Education for Economically Backward Students

Recalling the wise words, Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. To bestow this treasure, one of the trinity founders, Ms Sridevi has envisioned the importance of tech skills for any individual. And, her ideas took a shape with the consistent efforts of the team GUVI. Now, this 8th Foundation day of GUVI will offer 8 upgrading opportunities for 8 most deserving economically backward students. Although the deserving criteria carefully considers the candidates whose overall family income is less than 4LPA. 

Here are the 8 free upskilling opportunities as Special Surprises that celebrate GUVI 8th Anniversary:

  • Free Seats to any ZEN Career Program with 100% Placement – 2 Nos
  • Free Python Programming Courses with IIT-M Certification – 3 Nos
  • Free RPA Courses accredited by UiPath – 3 Nos

#2 Geeky Guys get GUVIs gifts

Hack to grab some Amazon Pay Gift Vouchers is here! Keep your eyes open to GUVI’s official posts online that shoot you with 8 interesting questions as a part of this GeekyGuys GUVI contest. Altogether, you could have fun answering a new puzzling question every 30 mins. And, stand among the 5 lucky winners to grab the Amazon Pay Gift Vouchers.  Click now to follow & enter the contest.

Here’s food for your thought from the Founder of GUVI, ArunPrakash –

“Evolution is powerful than revolution. As we have seen the most in the recent pandemic phase & also the law of evolution says – the strongest survives! And, the supreme evolution happens by changing our lives with education & technology. GUVI stands tall to nurture the dreamers & all of its learning aspirants through its evergrowing tech learning tools & platforms, for conveniently upskilling their competencies & further achieve their dreams to the fullest.”

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