People say Nature finds its own way

Yes, Nature found its way in making e-learning exciting

We have always heard news like
E-learning courses are so dang boring”
“Students are bored and dropping out”
“90% of students don’t complete the online course”
“Many don’t start the course after purchasing” and the list goes on

With GUVI’s experience, Covid19 has proved all the above statements wrong.

Though COVID19 was harsh on all of us, it has also found its own way of making the e-learning exciting for the users.

In the last 3 weeks of pandemic lockdown, GUVI has managed to extend more than 1,60,000 courses for free to the student’s community and 40% of the students have completed their course with the certification in a short span of 3 weeks. We are expecting more students to get their certification in the coming weeks.

Many of the Schools have already started to deploy a form of Education to their students by Online. It’s even expected that the Whole methodology of Education could take a major change after this Lockdown. The Central and State Governments made a statement that Lessons could also be learnt from Radio, TV which are common modes that are accessible to all sectors of people.

GUVI Team is quite excited that

  • We have supported the lockdown students by Skilling them in some of the latest technologies
  • Made them Job ready for the upcoming hiring season

So many happy feedbacks and thank you note from the students are pouring in.

GUVI team takes this opportunity to thank its learners and authors for making us play our part and extend our support during this pandemic phase.

Without your support this would have not been possible.


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