Are you a college passed out? Get your first software job in 6 weeks

One of the most important memories of one’s life is their FIRST job.  But not everyone is lucky enough to get their first jobs easily.  Many struggle a lot to find their first job.  Not due to lack of talent.  But due to a lot of reasons.

Imagine how much you would feel to attend interviews after interviews in a software company only to get rejected again.  That feels very bad for any person.  And it feels especially bad if you are a college fresher who just passed out of college and desperately looking for a job.

Does it mean you are not talented?

Absolutely No.

You can still have lots of talent but others don’t know yet.  But the point is, if you are unable to express your talents in a way that the interviewer wants, you won’t clear the interview.

And the situation gets even more frustrating if you have a family to take care of who need your support from the financial side.  This is especially true for many students who are from India who are from the rural background.

Now imagine how would it feel if you are able to clear that technical interview and get that dream first job of yours.  How much happy you will be.  Imagine if your parents heard that news.  How happy they would feel.  Imagine the relief that you will get and happiness you will get on getting that first job.  That is why it is one of the most cherishable moment in every person’s life.  And similarly it can be for you too.

Hurray we did it!

Do you have any doubts?  Read on.

Deivam, Kannan, Noushad and Kiruthika were exactly in the same position of searching for jobs and then they found GUVI Mentorship program and they all cleared their interview in 3-6 weeks.

Here are their feedback in their own words in this blog post.

I got my first job in a Web Development Company, Thanks to GUVI

So do you also want to experience that moment of clearing your tech interview and getting your first job? You are in the right place.

GUVI is offering a paid 6-week mentoring program.

In this program, GUVI mentors will assess your current skills, prepare a mentoring program tailored for you, guide you to improve your tech skills & help you get a job.

Hurry.  We are opening this program for a set of 25 students only (For June Batch.  Program starts June 6th).  First Come First Served.

If you satisfy the below criteria, you can register here.

  • You are a college fresher (2014/2015 passed out) from an Engineering college.
  • You are looking for a job in software industry in Web Development, Android and Software Testing.
  • You are from Tamil Nadu and will be able to come to office premises in Chennai (Taramani) twice a week for 6 weeks.
  • Or You are ready to take up the mentorship program online (Through Skype/Google Hangouts)

If you satisfy all of these criteria, you can register for the program here.

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