“Attending an interview is like impressing a girl” – Interview Tips for freshers

Hello Friends, this is Arun Prakash, the founder of GUVI.

By and large the approach towards getting a job and impressing a girl is same. you have to give your full commitment to and be ready to face your failure.

Let’s break down the happenings in scooping your love and list the inspiration and the drive for each stroke.

Interview Tips for freshers

For this I attempt to answer three questions

What?  Why? &  How?

Know Her

What you do: First you will generally study the girl and collect her details.

Why you do: Understanding about her likes and dislikes will help you to present yourself better to her.

How you do: No one will give you the details about her. You sweat and collect the information.

The same way you Google or talk to your seniors in the company and collect the information about the company for which you are going to attend the interview. More you do a research more you get the grip.

As a member of interview panel, I have seen candidates impressing me with their knowledge about the company. This is very very important for freshers, but as you grow in your experience you will fine tune this step based on the need.

Know yourself

What you do : You try to impress her in various ways like showing your strength and express your strength in the way “she” likes it.

Why you do  : This will help your chance of winning over others.

How you do  : you sit and analyze what you can do better and what she likes.

The same way you do a SWOT analysis (Strength weakness Opportunity Threat) before presenting yourself to your interview panel. If you notice keenly i haven’t capitalized the word weakness 🙂 . Try to showcase your weakness as your strength but never hide it.

Be careful about the things that you put in your resume like you Area of interest , your skill-set and your project. Be prepared to face questions in those areas. Please don’t attend the interview if your don’t know your project.

Believe in yourself     Beyou

What you do : you won’t attempt become to be a Rajinikanth or Jackie Chan or SRK in a single day or in a week

Why you do  : Not every girl go for superstars. your passionate attempt will open up the doors.

How you do  : Generally you will try to get sharp in what your strengths are to impress her rather to transform yourself to some superstar.

The same way you believe that you can crack and build your confidence internally. There is no successful techie who is never failed. Nothing wrong in giving a faulty answer but be ready to give a genuine explanation for why you did that.


What you do : You will try to present yourself to her in a better way by wearing better attire or portraying your best part in your to her.

Why you do  : you attempt to present yourself gud shows the sign of your commitment.

How your do : Dress neatly , speak polite and honest.

The same way dress up based on the type of company in which you are going to face. Some require more stress on formal attire and some don’t care about those. In all the cases you have to get ready with the expected dress code.

Preparation     prepare

What you do: You will rehearse within yourself and with your close friends, how to speak to her and think through it 100 times before your express.

Why you do : You don’t want to make a silly mistake and make a flop show.

How you do : Practice within yourself, before mirror and with your friends.

The same way you have to practice practice practice. There is not standby to practice. Do some mock interview/GD/written exams with your friends. Saying this is simple but this is the place when you need to spend your sweat and blood.

This is not a one-time activity it’s like game you have to retry when you failed. But it’s always good to fail before your friends than before the interview panel.

Make Handy hints     handy hints

What you do: you will make note of the things in a paper somewhere.

Why you do : This will act as a remainder or flipper to look at it when you are nervous.

How you do : Make some points in paper or mobile or in hand.

The same way you jot down the things that your study when you prepare. Make a note of the common mistakes that you encounter often and the analysis of those. This will be handy when you are last hour of your interview.

Don’t Over act

What you do: You will be conscious not to overdo anything before her or show that you are super smart than anyone in the world.

Why you do: Most of the girls not like to be shadowed or directed. But doing that your will lose her over time.

How you do: You try to strike a balance and give the explanation of what your thought is and make a win-win situation

The same way at any point during interview when you do a overkill it will mostly backfire at you. Leaving out the exceptions, in a realist world don’t try to portray yourself super smart. Giving honest answers will fetch you credibility. Practice to say “I don’t know” when you don’t have the answer.

Never ever beg      beg

What you do: Never try to win love by begging

Why you do: Be a man

How you do: You try to explain yourself to your best but not by crying or creating sympathy.

The same way be proud (not arrogant) of who you are and what you are capable of. Creating sympathy will get you get in but will destroy your confidence over a period of time.

Last but not least “Humble and honesty is key”.

Disclaimer: It’s hard to write a generalized theory for anything in the world including interview or girls. There are always exceptions.


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