Big day for GUVI – Team GUVI starts executing PROJECT PYTHON

Welcome to GUVI Blogs.  This is Rajaraman from Team GUVI and this time we are back with more good news.

The good news is not about the $1 Billion funding of the startup sensation Flipkart, but the good news is about

  • A startup which is Slowly but steadily making impact on the masses of the Indian population.
  • A startup which started as a group of passionate and knowledgeable volunteers.
  • A startup which is going to redefine how learning is happening in India and soon throughout the world
  • A startup which is trying to make a difference to the rural students of India by sharing their knowledge in native language
  • And yes, if you still didn’t recognize us – here is the shoutout.  WE ARE GUVI.

As they say, Reward for patience and hard work is always sweet.  Finally for years of hard work, finally things are coming to good shape.

The vision of technical knowledge sharing in native language even to rural areas is about to come true and in scale.

Yes, Team GUVI is going to share knowledge in Python to around 150+ colleges throughout India.

And guess who is going to execute this project?  None other than the passionate Team GUVI 🙂

(Snaps below: Still a lot of members missing and Arun was taking the snap)




Here is the sequence of events that unfolded today:

  • Team GUVI met at IIT Madras after having their early morning tea and breakfast 😛
  • We met the executing team at IIT who had the video conferencing sessions ready.
  • There were a round of intros ->Arun, Sridevi, Myself and Yatheesh introduced ourselves to the colleges.
  • Then Arun gave an agenda about the Python sessions which is to start on August 9th, 2014.
  • Then there were series of questions like
    • How many students per batch?
    • If there are any pre-requisites?
    • Whether only students can attend?
    • What is the duration of the course?
    • How long each week will be?
    • And etc. etc. etc.

After answering lot of such curious questions, Arun said one thing which impressed me a lot.  He remarked “Hope the students of this course are as curious as you are in asking question?

Hope that really summarizes  what we expect from the present generation of students.  And after this, Arun finally bid goodbye to the college staffs.

Then finally we ended our meeting with a hangout at the IIT college canteen, where many of us had nostalgic memories of our college days.  To energize ourselves, we had some fresh juices.

You know, we are entrepreneurs and we need to be healthy too. 🙂

If anyone wants to join this passionate team, feel free to reach us out.  For now, we all will celebrate this big day.  WE ARE GUVI.

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