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Fully-Funded Tesla Internship Program 2021- Best Time To Apply Is Now!

Explore a new career path with Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program!

Goldman Sachs, the premier investment bank has come up with a Goldman Sachs Returnship program for India. The program in Bengaluru is specifically designed for women trying to rejoin the workforce with a gap of 2+ years. The 12-week paid-program… Continue Reading →

Mother of OOPS – Idli kadai Aaya

Excited to know what’s the tale behind the title?. I believe at the end of this blog justification to the title would have been done…:-) Today our story revolves around OOPS. I had OOPS in my fifth semester. It was… Continue Reading →


People say “Nature finds its own way“ Yes, Nature found its way in making e-learning exciting We have always heard news like “E-learning courses are so dang boring” “Students are bored and dropping out” “90% of students don’t complete the… Continue Reading →

The March to be remembered…New Transformation

As an Online Tutoring Tech proprietor, it becomes indispensable to transform ourselves from “.in domain to “.io domain. From .in which showcases to Indian Region alone, we now expand to British Indian Ocean Territory. is now As we… Continue Reading →

Stay Safe. We Bring Learning to your Space : Coder vs Covid

As the outbreak of Corona is getting out of hand, it becomes essential to safeguard ourselves by staying indoors. Get yourself engaged in having a new hobby as you rest. Involve in getting yourself more connected with new technology. Being… Continue Reading →

Women Paradise

Women Paradise Sridevi, COO & Co-founder of Guvi “She believed She could, so she did .” The very best example for the above quotes is Sridevi Arunprakash. A Challenging person who is a great Inspiration for many women who wants… Continue Reading →

How GUVI helped a First year student get placed in Juspay

Fahad – First year student from Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology got placed in Juspay after attending a hackathon conducted by GUVI – How to get placed in a Startup. [] Fahad has shared his journey on how he got… Continue Reading →

Feel the Freedom

This is Sridevi. This Independence Day made me feel that I did not write for a long time. I was watching a Patti Mandram today, the topic is whether men are enjoying more freedom or women are enjoying more freedom… Continue Reading →

Then – An idea can change your business, Now – An App can change your business.

The biggest victory of most of the software related product is make users to install their app in mobile, App is not just minimal version of original product . It’s a micro size office with macro size services. In general… Continue Reading →

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