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Is Data Science A Good Career Choice In 2021?

Sneap-Peak into Corporate Data Science What do the most popular job review websites, including PayScale, Glassdoor, and Naukri speak about Data Science? They say that it is one of the most lucrative jobs of the hour! Pertaining to the reported… Continue Reading →

ZEN Review: Your First & Final Step Towards Becoming A PRO Full Stack Developer

Is Full Stack Development your dream career? Do you wish to be that all-rounder Full Stack Developer? Then walk through with us to find out the statistics, and answer all the wh questions pertaining to Full Stack Development and GUVI’s… Continue Reading →

Harvard Business School’s Input To Get Your Resume Noticed In COVID Times!

7 seconds to get your resume noticed! Yes, only 7 seconds is what any recruiter consumes to decide whether you are fit for the job or not! No, we are not making this. As suggested by the Eye-tracking research the… Continue Reading →

Explore a new career path with Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program!

Goldman Sachs, the premier investment bank has come up with a Goldman Sachs Returnship program for India. The program in Bengaluru is specifically designed for women trying to rejoin the workforce with a gap of 2+ years. The 12-week paid-program… Continue Reading →

20,000 Free Virtual Internships In Cyber Security! Be That Lucky Intern!

  AICTE & CISCO are collaborating to offer virtual internships in Cyber Security to engineering students.  Here is everything you might like to read! In this digital era, everything is rapidly moving to a planet that clearly exists virtually. Commemorating… Continue Reading →

Where Is Deep Learning Heading To?

Deep Learning AI is the brain behind the technology that remits the most frequently used phrase- “You May Also Like!”    A window to Deep Learning AI! Whether it is amazon giving you options featuring products similar to recent purchases… Continue Reading →

The Cybersecurity Surge: 5 Must-Have Cybersecurity Certifications!

There is something fascinating about a lone hacker in black hoodies using a single system and their skills to take down big corporations and their crony capitalism. The anecdote of a hacker has cultivated an ethos of individuality, corporate freedom,… Continue Reading →

Cybersecurity Jobs 2021: The Ultimate Beginners Guide With Roadmap

According to the job statistics of 2020, cybersecurity jobs were among the top 15 emerging jobs. Cybersecurity jobs are also one of the most handsomely paying jobs in recent times. The annual growth rate of cybersecurity jobs as identified by… Continue Reading →

MEAN vs MERN: Which Stack To Choose For Fast Growing Career & Salary?

MEAN vs MERN! A skill report by HackerRank Developer in 2018, 30% of programmers desired to learn to React. That is to say, React is earning more prevalence lately. Furthermore, 35.9% of developers prefer to develop using React. According to… Continue Reading →

MongoDB vs. MySQL: Which is the best to learn?

Let’s know the basics of databases first… Databases can be broadly categorized under two headings – SQL and NoSQL databases. SQL databases are those that define and manipulate data based on structured query language (SQL). MySQL is one of the… Continue Reading →

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