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How to become proficient in deep learning and neural networks in just 30 days!!

Recently Jeff Bezos, Ex-CEO of Amazon famously quoted: Treat Google like a mountain. You can climb the mountain, but you can’t move it. One of the biggest contributors to Google’s success is “Google-Search”, an unparalleled search index with relevant results,… Continue Reading →

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial intelligence

It is very common to not know the difference between machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence(AI),  almost everyone who is new to technological learning thinks that all three things are the same. Not just that, We often alternatively use the word machine… Continue Reading →

Where Is Deep Learning Heading To?

Deep Learning AI is the brain behind the technology that remits the most frequently used phrase- “You May Also Like!”    A window to Deep Learning AI! Whether it is amazon giving you options featuring products similar to recent purchases… Continue Reading →

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