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IIT-M Incubated GUVI Featured In YourStory

Are you a student aspiring to enter into the IT field? or Are you an IT professional looking to upskill or switch careers? Then probably you might be in search of a good Ed-Tech institutes where you can procure the… Continue Reading →

Do You Know About The Free Digital Marketing Course For Entrepreneurs?

It is a call to all aspiring Entrepreneurs and budding business organizers. A two-day course on “Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs is on your way. The TANSTIA FNF Service Centre (TFSC) will be organizing this free virtual program. Read further to… Continue Reading →

The Cybersecurity Surge: 5 Must-Have Cybersecurity Certifications!

There is something fascinating about a lone hacker in black hoodies using a single system and their skills to take down big corporations and their crony capitalism. The anecdote of a hacker has cultivated an ethos of individuality, corporate freedom,… Continue Reading →

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Agri-supply chain

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the hour. Amidst so much about it going on around the world, it is becoming a mandate to understand its implementations. With employees amounting to more than half of India’s workforce, Agriculture has been… Continue Reading →

9 Key Benefits of Data Lake !

A Data Lake has flexible definition, to make this statement true the dataottam team took initiative and released a eBook called “The Collective Definition of Data Lake by Big Data Community”, which contains many definitions from various business savvy and… Continue Reading →

Self-Learn Yourself Apache Spark in 21 Blogs – #1

We have received many requests from friends who are constantly reading our blogs to provide them a complete guide to sparkle in Apache Spark. So here we have come up with learning initiative called “Self-Learn Yourself Apache Spark in 21… Continue Reading →

Attitudes of a Great Software Developer!!

Welcome to GUVI blogs.  Today the topic is about the attitudes of a Great Software Developer. Software development is an art, not just a science.  You can learn all the technicalities of software development, but you need to be absolutely… Continue Reading →

Tips to win “Paper Presentation”.

 Hai Buddies, I am L.PRIYANKA from NEW PRINCE SHRI BHAVANI COLLEGE OF ENGG. AND TECHNOLOGY. I am going to share the secret of my success; i think it will be useful for you my friends. I am going to share… Continue Reading →

Linked List -part 2

      LINKED LIST Definition: A Linked list is a sequence of items(objects) where every item is linked to the next. ->Each node stores -element -link   to  the next node. Graphical    structure: Eg:   NOTE: Linked list last node pointer should… Continue Reading →

Linked List – part 1

           DATA STRUCTURES –LINKED LIST Hai friends,today the topic that we are going to see is about LINKED LIST IN C.While studying data structure the basic is Linked List.LINKED LIST will give the idea to proceed others like trees,graphs.This Linked… Continue Reading →

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