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Best Python Deep Learning Libraries You Should Know in 2021

Looking out for the best python deep learning libraries? This curated list is for you! Deep Learning is a common subset of a larger group of machine learning techniques. DL focuses on databases that are constantly evolving. As a comparatively… Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Tutorial 2021 – An Ultimate Beginners Guide

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science were the hot buzzwords that revolved around the past decade especially in the last few years. Following is a machine learning tutorial & resource guide that will help you start with ML concepts…. Continue Reading →

Top 11 Python Libraries For Machine Learning in 2021

Before mastering machine learning algorithms or data science programs, firstly, we need to understand the libraries of python. We use these python libraries to create data science and machine learning programs. The following external open-source python library files are used… Continue Reading →

How to Setup a Python Environment for Machine Learning?

Are you struggling to set up a Python environment for Machine Learning? By the way, Python is an exciting programming language. But installing it can be a bit tricky for beginners sometimes.  So here is the guide to you along the… Continue Reading →

Top 6 Essential Prerequisites For Machine Learning

What are the prerequisites for Machine Learning? Have you ever wondered how your google assistant plays songs on your demand? How do self-driving cars work? How are online recommendations in Google and Netflix catered for you? The answer is simple:… Continue Reading →

How to become proficient in deep learning and neural networks in just 30 days!!

Recently Jeff Bezos, Ex-CEO of Amazon famously quoted: Treat Google like a mountain. You can climb the mountain, but you can’t move it. One of the biggest contributors to Google’s success is “Google-Search”, an unparalleled search index with relevant results,… Continue Reading →

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial intelligence

It is very common to not know the difference between machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence(AI),  almost everyone who is new to technological learning thinks that all three things are the same. Not just that, We often alternatively use the word machine… Continue Reading →

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