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Python | List Of Lists Changes Reflected Across Sublists

Here it is- the list of list changes across sublists explained with multiple examples. As a Python user, you might have noticed that you need to perform a specific action a particular number of times. Or you might need to… Continue Reading →

Build your own personal voice assistant like Siri, Alexa using Python

The world we see today is a sci-fi utopian, bending technology, design, and nature together in a way that is harmonious and seamless. We effortlessly use a plethora of technologies. For instance, could you imagine a decade ago that you… Continue Reading →

The LEGB Rule Explaining Scope in Python Programming Language

Why understand Scope in Python? Readability or ease of writing doesn’t make a programming language ideal. There are hundreds of elements that come together and frame an ideal programming language. Among those hundreds of elements, the Scope is one of… Continue Reading →

Python: What Is The Use Of The Word ‘self’?

Being a Python user, have you ever found the keyword (that actually is not a keyword) “self” just as a trap? Yes!!! But some of you might know its use but there are several beginners and other users who found… Continue Reading →

How To Use Global Variables Inside A Function In Python? With Examples!

What are global variables and how to use Global Variables inside a function in Python? Don’t worry we will answer this question very shortly. Also, we will take you through a couple of examples followed by practice questions to make… Continue Reading →

Why Is Using ‘eval’ A Bad Practice?

Are you using the eval function to evaluate the mathematical expression in Python? Yes, many of you might be. But do you even know that using eval can be a bad practice?  Now, if you are wondering why? Then probably… Continue Reading →

Why Does ‘a ==x or y or z’ Always Evaluate To True?

We know most of you keep wondering- why does ‘a ==x or y or z’ always evaluate to true? So, let us discuss and learn why this happens? Certainly, different operators in Python are used for performing different operations on… Continue Reading →

What Does The yield Keyword In Python Do?

If you are a beginner and have recently started learning to program then you must have come across the ‘yield’ keyword in Python.  There is a big possibility that you might feel confused about what it is! On the other… Continue Reading →

Ruby vs. Python: Comparison

Best Python Deep Learning Libraries You Should Know in 2021

Looking out for the best python deep learning libraries? This curated list is for you! Deep Learning is a common subset of a larger group of machine learning techniques. DL focuses on databases that are constantly evolving. As a comparatively… Continue Reading →

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