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Data Driven Testing in Selenium using JXL (Part 2)

We learned what is Data driven testing and how we can use JXL to read data from Excel Sheets in Part 1 of our previous post. But the greatest question of the day is, how to use JXL for data… Continue Reading →

Data driven testing In Selenium using JXL (Part 1)

In my first post in Guvi blog, I would like to write one of the common scenario which we will encounter while working with Selenium and during framework development, which is getting data from external source (data driven testing). We… Continue Reading →

A cool Intro about Selenium Testing Tool

Introduction to Selenium Testing tool Selenium is all about Testing Web Apps Selenium is  automation testing tool especially for web based applications. It can run in different browsers and platforms. It has many components Selenium Remote Control (RC) Selenium Integrated… Continue Reading →

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