Stay Safe. We Bring Learning to your Space : Coder vs Covid

As the outbreak of Corona is getting out of hand, it becomes essential to safeguard ourselves by staying indoors. Get yourself engaged in having a new hobby as you rest.

Involve in getting yourself more connected with new technology. Being confined to your home due to covid-19 outbreak, get to learn with GUVI courses which are completely free. Widen your Coding skills with our learning platform.


During an outbreak period like this, enjoy your own company. As dedicated work aspirants, tend to show more compassion towards the job you do and avoid more time getting spent in group meetings. Get yourself hand sanitized often and you would have only slight chances of getting infected by others.


As Coronavirus is an airborne disease there are more possibilities that the viral spread is prevalent in open spaced rooms.

Get accustomed to staying in aerated closed rooms. Then you will have fewer chances to fall ill due to common ailments. As you are isolated from outside contamination, you would be less prone to getting affected by coronavirus.


Infected animals could easily spread the virus to a healthy person. Being an airborne disease, there are greater chances that viral spread would easily affect those who come in touch with them.

Avoiding less contact with animals would be a major additional precaution that could be followed.


Being known for “Stick to the Chair” policy, they get very less engaged in gatherings and occasions. Hence they have very little chance of being prevalent among groups and thus have minimal chances of getting infected.

Give a break to your normal Gaming grounds on your personal computers and mobiles and get your skills enriched technically. Being an airborne disease, the probability of getting affected is really high. So why not spend more time staying indoor?

Get your skills broadened by enhancing your Coding skills. New to the Race? We are here to provide you guidance. Strive in to get your Logical skill thirst to get quenched with our Coolest coding Platform as we provide you with the optimized support for your learning.

Experience and Join our Online classes and get yourself placed in Top-Notch Companies. Get yourself familiarised with the currently needed Technology skills and get your profile to speak for you as you enter the Corporate and follow preventive measures as you travel around the Globe.

Spend your precious time getting hooked up with CodeKata and MicroArc as you learn on the go. We wish to make a difference in your life. Committed to making you turn as the best Programmer, we strive to improvise yourself.

Get yourself turned into a Developer as you master the skills from our project based learning programs which are completely free by the way. As you search for ways to keep yourself knowledgeable, go through our variety of courses offered in various vernacular languages and technologies. Take up certifications as you enjoy the Learning Modules and get certified in your Areas of interest. We wish you a Healthy and wealthy style of living as you balance both. Happy Coding!

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