A long term wish came true yesterday ,Guvi team got an appointment to meet Madhan Karky .


For our friends from other states,Madhan Karky is Indian Film lyricist, research associate, software engineer, and film dialogue writer. He is the son of poet and lyricist Vairamuthu.

As a lyricist we know Madhan Karky very well, when he started penning down the songs in movie Enthiran (“irumbile oru Irudhiyam”) .But when we are watching his one of the interviews in TV we came to know that he is a pucca techie guy and doing lot of interesting research in Tamil.And also first thing we got impressed is he is developing a software which automates generation of  edhugai and monai .And also developed software called olingoa .His Thirukural app is the first tamil app in Apple watch.

So we planned like we should meet him,since he is like minded as ours. Somehow our magic man Arunpaul got an appointment. Last week we are supposed to meet, but it did not happen. Today myself, Arun and Arunpaul met him in his office in Adayar by morning 9:15AM.

He offered coffee but to show we are all gentle people we said no :-). Arun explained the full story behind Guvi. He listened very patiently to whatever Arun told (more patient than me ).He really got impressed  by our idea and started sharing his own experiences.When he was working as professor in Anna University, many students come to his office room after his class and asks him to explain the same concepts in whatever he taught Tamil. He told that he was not able to teach in Tamil in class because it’s a diverse group of students (India is secular state la ).

We asked him to connect to people who are very creative, who can help us in presenting Guvi contents in very innovative way.He himself volunteered and told that  I used to take database classes in Anna University.He explained the way he teaches two different approaches in Database Clustering concept (Agglomorative and k-means clustering).This is the way he taught…

He asked the class to divide into 4 groups based on whether they like Football,Cricket, Tennis and Chess.Four groups formed in four corners. When he asked how they found out people with same liking ,they replied like one person asked whoever liked football comes here,but when we found that we already had a large of group of people with football liking nearby , we asked him to join with us.Practical approach for learning

And he showed the app he recently launched in app store agaraadhi with more than 11 lakhs tamil definitions ,biggest tamil dictionary in world.And also he shared many interesting apps for kids and adults like Thirukural app.

Then coming to our story we asked him to give a video about how technology is influencing his work.He said ok without any reluctance. And also he is ready to give 30 mins video on databases .

He is going to launch a tamil journal in September or October and he asked us to give 15 page article about GUVI to be published in their journal but once their curation team said ok.

Took a selfie and left happily  :-).Its always a great pleasure to meet like minded people we had that yesterday .




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