Corporate Jargon – Part III

Reach out – communicate with somebody through mail or phone How to use – Reach out to Priya in case of any questions on the process.

Plain Vanilla – something which has nothing special about it. How to use – The design was plain vanilla and did not catch the client’s interest.

Transition – move from one state to another. How to use – As transition to any new process is difficult, lots of training is required.

Take this offline – discuss something after a meeting or separately. How to use: Let’s discuss your query offline so as to complete this meeting on time.

Paradigm shift – an important change in the way things were done before. How to use: The idea of working from home is a paradigm shift for those who entered the workforce in the 1980s. Say pa-ra-dime

Ballpark – within an approximate range of views, ideas or figures. How to use – My guess on how the task had to be done was in the ballpark.

Downtime – when you are not busy with work. How to use – You can work on gaining learning credits during your downtime.

Pipeline – when there is work/project expected in the very near future. How to use – As there are several projects in the pipeline, we are sure to have a good Q2.

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