Cup of coffee with java

                                                       CUP OF COFFEE WITH JAVA

-Roshini Panarajan

In every success there is some interesting story behind that, success means I always got one thought

“Action is the foundational key to all success “

-Pablo Picasso

In this session story about the java. The development of java language is started in 1991. But it’s month of June I think most of the success are done in this month.

In starting stage java introduced for the electronic item’s for example washing machine, television etc. But digital cable television industries in 1991, found the language more advanced for them.

James gosling, pakick naugton and mike Sheridan were the great person in development of java James gosling who also known as founder of java started “The Green Project” and lead to release of java in 1995.

Its initial stage of language is called as oak, because the gosling’s office outside the oak tree stands. He started the thinking saw the oak tree, so he called the language as oak. Later her changed to green as a project name is also “The Green Project”.

At one evening they had taken cup of coffee with all the developer in java coffee as this coffee is consumed by all developer in large amount during language development after that there is no name change for java.

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Importance of java can be seen easily in our daily life. Billons of products and application run on java platform java free and open source, so developer love it. Java provides the platform independent binary code, so developer must not worry about the os and configuration of system.


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