Data Scientist Diaries!

Data Scientist diaries

Once upon a time, they wished to enter Data Science. And now they did it! What is their success story? How did these aspirants make their big-time entry into Data Science? What exactly did they do?

Let us walk with them and know it inside out! Listen to these testimonials carefully and get to know what they did to reach their destination, successfully.

Success Story 1

Naresh Babu got placed as an Analyst Programmer @ Ramco Systems. Therefore, he is an inspiration. Let us see how was his Data Science Learning journey!

2nd Success Story

Sonia Kola got placed as Data Scientist @ AI Enterprise Software India Ltd. We congratulate her & wish for the best in her tech career. Be the next to get hired! She got a 57% Hike in her career. So, what did she do? What progressive path did she choose?

Success Story 3

Rakesh got placed as Python Developer @ PipeCandy. Rakesh was a very hard-working professional, who was working in the manufacturing field. However, he wanted to change his stream of work. That is to say, his hard work & support from our Placement team helped him grab this opportunity which helped him gain a 54% hike. So, learn how he did it?

Data Science Success Story 4

Likewise, Bhoge Nikhil got placed as Associate Machine learning Engineer @ Zensark Technologies Pvt Ltd. During his tough times, he gained his confidence. He got into Data Science with his hard work and persistence. So, let’s hear him and understand which way to Data Science is the best.

Non-IT to IT: Success Story 5

Is it possible? Non-coding background to Data Science. Actually, this is a very common confusion among everyone, whether such transformations are possible? If you also have this confusion then keep reading.

Yes, If you have the right mentors teaching you from scratch. Check out his review now. Panchal Harshith got placed as Data Scientist @ Paripoorna Software Solution Service Pvt. Ltd.

Success Tale 6

Shubham Nehete got placed as an Analyst Programmer @ Ramco Systems. So, let’s see how he made it to a happy beginning in his Data Science career.

Achievement Story 7

Antoni Harrish Romaro got placed as an Analyst Programmer @ Ramco Systems. Then, he really did something, that you can do too!

Success Story 8

Another one on our list! Divyansh Chaudhary got placed as Data Analyst Intern @ GUVI. So, let us hear his success story now.


So, these are a few of the wonderful success stories that we have. Firstly, they all had their bit of struggle and hard work attached. No meal is free my dear! However, they all stood strong till they reached their destination. Then came the victory.

Here is the Data Science Program that they all took. Wish to find out more about the course. Click the link below to find out.

Have a suggestion or query? Do let us know in the comment section below.

You can also leave your contact with us and wait for a response call from our end, shortly after! So, keep reading. Keep Learning!

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