Does Fonts act as the accessories !?

This question made me confused, puzzled. Being a newbie of UI/UX designer , I would rather think to myself is this ridiculous. I started to read so many articles from google, YouTube etc. to get the clear picture of this question, the next thing happened is , I was busted with so many sub question with this one question.
Here I go , this article might be helpful to the novice , who doesn’t know where to start. Let’s all think about the small scenario which we do in our day to day life when we do shopping , there is so many questions arise to us

  • Will this bangle/chain suite to my dress ?
  • Will the size of the bangle fit to me ?
  • Will this suit me with my dress ?
  • Have I chosen the right accessories for my dress ?
  • Let me ask some suggestions from my mom/friends/dad/boyfriend……?

OMG !!!! There is still a quite lot of questions and confusions, this might be absolutely parallel what the designers think too when comes to fonts to be used in our websites/posters………..

I say, yes really fonts are the accessories of websites/posters, where it communicates with the user to make them understand, attractiveness pulls them for marketing and give them solutions to their questions. But before that, they have to understand what type of fonts have to be used for the various kinds of websites, posters, banners …….

Let’s travel through Factful Chronical of typography and grab the principle of fonts,

  • The very first written communication was a cave painting from
    20,000BC , as the days pass by the formal writing have been emerged
    by Sumerians around 3500 BC…

  • As the growth of the technology and civilization, there is a need for
    communication arises, hence Egyptians hieroglyphics , they began to
    conglomerate the symbols, ideograms into art and culture.

  • The First alphabet was created by the Phoenicians, which were the
    alphabet used by the Greeks. The first 2 alphabet is the combination
    of Greek letters (Alpha & Beta).

  • Romans were using the Greeks symbols and refined the art of
    handwriting into different styles and different manuscripts. These
    manuscripts led to the evolution of calligraphy. Romans started to
    share the knowledge of calligraphy across the world by traveling and
    educating people.

    Johannes Guttenberg was the turning point for modern typography, and revolution of posters, banners were designed with modish fonts and attracted the people. This is how our typography originated in the world.

Now everyone will have the question on what does this connects with fonts and accessories ?
To know that, every designer should know the 5 basic principles and how to use typography for a design!

  • Get to know and understand about the different types of typeface

  • Understand the article/website/posters to use the kind of fonts
    Look at the above picture, font express the feelings in a different way, choose the fonts which is adaptable.
    Untitled picture
    Look At this picture, this is absolutely wrong. This statement is something very serious but the usage of the font is wrong. The font seem to childish and which make the statement so “childish”.

  • Where the fonts can be located so that the article/website/posters…
    gets the complete look.

  • Know the what type of sizes can be used in the fonts according to
    heading, subheading. Etc.

  • Know When to use Bold, Italics, Regular.

Want to know how this principle works, then keep following our blog………To be continued.

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