This is Sridevi. This Independence Day made me feel that I did not write for a long time. I was watching a Patti Mandram today, the topic is whether men are enjoying more freedom or women are enjoying more freedom in current society. I liked the naduvar decision, he told both men and women are addicted to any one of the feelings in their mind so no one is enjoying the full freedom.

I agree with him 100 %. We all are prisoners or slaves to the thoughts in our mind. When our mind says we can’t learn new things we believe it without any second thought. Nowadays there is a bigger change in the mentality of parents towards their kid’s education. They started believing strongly that their child’s education will change the fate of the family. So some way or other they are finding ways to educate their children.

But 70% to 80% of the students are in their mind prison. They believe firmly that they can’t acquire any new skills. Thinking that they are exercising freedom in their life they feel proud about saying they are not interested in learning things. When you look from outside it may look like they are enjoying their freedom but actually, they are slaves in their minds. I feel very sad about it. Because it is very easy to educate a student who believes that he/she is capable of learning things. But many times scenarios are not like that. First, we have to make him/her believe that he/she is capable of learning things. Sometimes that process may also fail. In such times it hurts me a lot. If that student fails its the failure of the whole family.

I always feel proud that my family got uplifted because of education. We stand as a role model to many in the society. Whenever someone asks my father about the asset he had during our childhood times, he proudly says my kid’s education is my asset. But when I have grown up, I see how true those words are.

Guvi is working hard to give you the freedom of learning. Learning is no longer a system. It’s an experience. You design the way you want to learn something. Having this vision in mind only we started offering technology courses in regional languages. The mode of learning should not be restricted by the availability of resources. But to enjoy the advancements in the field of learning and explore it fully all learners should come out of their mind prison and feel the freedom of learning.

Happy Independence Day to all…


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