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FLY-HIGH is the CSR initiative of GUVI. It aims to create a pool of highly skilled students and to increase the employability of the students in emerging technologies. Under this scholarship program, GUVI has set a target to provide skill training to 150 students from 562 Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu.

FLY-HIGH program aims to upskill the students who are good at academics but are from economically backward families. Companies also join hands with GUVI for this program and they agreed to recruit students who perform well in this program. FLY HIGH FROM GUVI

As part of this FLY-HIGH program, the below features are provided to the students Free of Cost.

1) Access to Courses- The shortlisted students are given free access to an extensive learning repository of GUVI 2) Quizzes & Assignments/Industry Live Use Cases- Weekly Assignments & Quizzes are pre-loaded in the platform which will help the students to understand the concepts and solve problems 3) Mentorship- The students will be provided with mentoring support for the relevant technologies during this program.

4) Bootcamp/Mock Interview- The students will attend a 2 –day Bootcamp where they get a chance to interact with industry experts. Mock interview sessions will be conducted to check the job-readiness of the students.

5) Internship & Job offers – Product companies & Startups are backing up this initiative by hiring or providing internships for the participants. So, the students have a very good chance of getting internship or job offer by participating and doing well in this program.

6)Technical Skills in which the students are trained:

Python Programming

Data structure & Algorithm Thinking


Web Technologies


In the first phase of this program students are given access to Python and GIT courses .Sridevi,COO of GUVI who is having 14+ years of Industry Experience was the live mentor for that phase. She interacted with students regularly to monitor their learning progress. A whatsapp closed group had been formed to interact with the students. Daily a quiz leader has been selected by students themselves and they conducted quizzes on Python and Programming concepts. As a token of appreciation quiz leaders are rewarded by GUVI. Students enthusiastically participated in the quiz programs and many students felt that this way of learning encourages them to learn more Weekly assignments and Live Industry Use cases have been given to improve logical thinking ability of the students.

26% of the students completed 100% of the course and completed nearly 8-10 programming assignments in Python. flyhigh chart

The students who had cleared the first phase are invited for 2 days bootcamp arranged in IITM Research Park. They were allowed to interact with industry experts.S essions like “Technical Preparation for Your Job Interview Session “, was delivered by Mr.Arunprakash, Co-Founder/CTO Of Guvi. CS 101: Full Stack Web Development session was delivered by Muruganantham.Senior Developer in Guvi Non Functional Coding Skills and Clean Coding Session was conducted by Mr.Ramkumar, Head of technology @ Arkainsure

In Second Phase, students have been given access to web development and MySQL courses. Students are studying these courses now.

Future Plans

In Second Phase, students have been given access to web development and MySQL courses. Students are studying these courses now.

In coming month we plan to scale this project to serve more students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to gain tech skills. With like minded partners and collaborators with interest in creating impact in education space , we can touch more lives and produce quality graduates with employability ready skills . GUVI is committed to creating social impact beyond business and welcome like minded partners to join us in different levels. if you like to be a part shoot a mail to [email protected]

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