JAVA Interview Questions


20 JAVA Questions to clear your interview:

  1. What is JDK?
  2. What is JRE?
  3. What is JIT compiler?
  4. What is Adaptive optimizer?
  5. What is Class Loader?
  6. What is Byte Code Verifier?
  7. What is a Compiler?
  8. What is an Interpreter?
  9. What is the difference between a Compiler and Interpreter?
  10. What are the components of JVM?
  11. What is Platform Independent?
  12. How does Java achieve Platform independence?
  13. How to access command line arguments?
  14. What are the data types in Java and what are their sizes?
  15. How do you declare an array in Java?
  16. How do you find the length of an array in Java?
  17. What is the use of PATH variable?
  18. What is the use of CLASSPATH variable?
  19. How do you assign values for PATH and CLASSPATH Variable?
  20. What are all the characteristic features of Java Programming language?

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