From GUVI CEO’s Desk : Success Pattern #1

SP Bala murugan - CEO of GUVIGood day Team,

Earlier this quarter when I had a lunch meet with the top 50 most active users of GUVI platform, one point came out very clear. GUVI’s transparency as a platform is the key element that drove them more close to the platform. They know their learning is being accounted, their source code being showcased to other users, their projects getting forked by fellow GUVI users, getting direct opportunities from the Recruiters is something that made them our happy customers. On the other side, the way we capture and present the learner’s data and attributes is something that excites our Organisational clients. We want to delight and excite more such users of GUVI and I am sure we will. All our other goals are aligned with this one goal of creating more transparency in the learning experience and hiring. Because, that’s what the users want to reflect on using GUVI platform.

Having said what we are focusing on, I would like to share what we learnt from our users. As you are aware, early May GUVI crossed 1 Lakh users. That’s not yet another milestone. It’s more beyond that. It shows the trust and confidence GUVI has earned in this short while. It adds more responsibility for us to help our users reach their goals. In order to do that we need to know the success pattern and the way to replicate that. With this in mind, GUVI team did a deep dive on the platform data. The learning and hiring data pattern we have seen with the current batch reveals tremendous patterns and we would love to share that with you. Especially the last 3 months have seen tremendous user activity in the GUVI platform. The learners trying to complete the courses signed up, submit the assignments, practicing coding problems and assessing themselves. On the other side, Organisations looking at the learner’s profiles, their learning progress, project boards, GUVI scores and based on that scheduling hiring drive and interviews. This is what we all wanted and it started happening at full swing. From the various patterns revealed, we are going to release the success pattern month-on-month in the order of effectiveness. Here’s the success pattern #1.

1: Daily usage for 20 mins

Yes, among all the patterns for successful and best-learning experience in GUVI, this was ranked No.1. It turned out that users who have used GUVI platform for minimum 20 minutes a day are more successful when compared to others. No surprise. Here’s the reason.

1) It literally means you are taking incremental steps day in and day out to acquire and enhance your programming skill.

2) You are building a habit to improve your technical skill daily.

3) Your skills enhanced incrementally and your code gets optimized.

4) You stay focused on the goal of becoming technically competent.

5) Makes your coding skill handy.

So, next time when you feel doubtful whether you can excel in programming, remember this one simple yet proven success rule. Just spend 20 minutes per day on GUVI platform to become a better programmer. You can expect the subsequent success patterns in our next newsletters. Before I signoff, would like to announce that, we officially complete our campus hiring for 2017-18 batch by end of May and would start the focus for 2019-20 batch. As a result we will work more closely with the next batch of learners and make them ready for the opportunities that comes in GUVI platform. If your student’s are yet to join GUVI platform, get them enrolled soon. Reach out to GUVI @ [email protected]

Thanks and Regards,

S P Balamurugan

Cofounder & CEO


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