Top 10 Most Asked Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

Full stack developer interview questions


It goes without saying Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Isn’t it? Even if you possess all the requisite skill sets, the ‘Interview fever’ can hold you back most of the time. That is to say, having the right skills is not enough! The real question is how to get over this fear. If you are seeking an answer to the same question, you’re in the right place. Based on 1000+ candidates who’ve been placed via Zen Class, we’ve compiled the Top 10 most asked questions in a Full Stack Developer Interview along with the primary skill sets or competencies you are evaluated on.

Talking about Full Stack Developer Interview questions, each role & company has different expectations levels from a candidate. As versatile as a Full Stack Developer Role can get, the Interview Questions and ways to answer those questions can stay varied. Are you ready to crack those interview questions and make your way into the most promising job of the 21st century? Undoubtedly, you might be having the best knowledge of your domain, but showcasing it at the right time of the interview is crucial. Most importantly, you need to build a knack to present your skills most efficiently! So, it is always better to prepare well in advance!

Before you bang into any particular job interview, remember to do the homework! Firstly, track down the top (and almost always asked) Full Stack Development questions about the relevant company. These sets of Interview questions can range from Quantitative Analysis to purely technical ones, majorly about coding skills.


Now, if you are looking for more insights on the Full Stack Development job roles and required skills, focus on the coming-up details. On the contrary, if you are a Full Stack Developer looking for the Full Stack Interview questions alone, then feel free to jump on to the Important Full Stack Developer Interview Questions directly.]

What are Ideal Skills & Competencies for a Full Stack Developer? 

Based on our decade-long observation, top companies typically look for Full Stack Developers with ReactJS & MERN Stack expertise. Again, various companies have different requirements for their versatile job profiles. Also, check for the languages and preferred tools requirements, if any. On the other hand, top languages & tools by most of the companies for these high-paying jobs are 

a. Programming languages – Python & R

b. Preferred Tools – TABLEAU, Power BI

That is to say, the demand for a Full Stack Developer is as high as ever, their salary ranges between 3.5L – 25L/Annum. 

Striking Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

Among the many responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer, the striking few are: 

  1. Firstly, identify the development requirements and estimate the processes by bridging the communication between Development Team and Project Managers.
  2. Next, design architectures for server-side and client-side.
  3. Develop Front-End of applications that reflect the requirement and at the same time are visually appealing.
  4. Put in place the Back-End Applications that mediate all the functionalities of the project.  
  5. Develop and manage Databases.
  6. Run several software tests to ensure the efficiency and responsiveness of the product.
  7. Also, debug and troubleshoot errors, if any.
  8. Write effective APIs when required. 

These and more augmented responsibilities make the Developer profile so overwhelming and interesting that a Full Stack Developer is considered an All-Rounder Developer in the Tech Industry.

What are the most commonly asked Full Stack Developer Interview Questions?

You move in for any Interview, two most popular Interview Questions that generally come your way are-

1. Brief overview of yourself

2. What do you do in your free time?

What do you think? If you have ever attended one, you might have faced these two questions, either straight the same way or jumbled up into something similar. Isn’t it? Please feel free to comment in the comments section below and let us know how you addressed these two questions.

Ideally, speaking honestly about yourself is the best solution. Hyperbolizing about your achievements and interests lands you into trouble, you see. So, stick to the basics. And present the best of your achievement and interests along with a short personal history. Moreover, you may highlight some impressive terms like being punctual, determined, or say, having time management skills, etc.   

The second Interview question mentioned above is to track your hobbies and interests. You may bring in your interest in coding or game development, if at all. Furthermore, you can speak about your achievements in some UI development or your Database projects. 

The next set of Interview questions traverses into more Technicalities of the Full Stack Developer role. They are as follows.

Important Full Stack Developer Interview Questions

3. What is full-stack development

4. List down some well-known stacks in full-stack development

5. What are the technologies that you have already worked on?

Again, these are very general but often asked questions that you might face, as well, amongst the Full Stack Developer Interview Questions. To ease your search results, these Interview Questions appear in a series of videos here on this channel. That is to say, this series of questions and answers is specially curated based on the research and studies done by our Subject-Matter Experts. 

Further to the interview questions, you may expect the questions based on the answers that you have given. The interviewer may ask some questions to validate how proficient you are in the previously mentioned details. And would further like to see some projects you would have handled on your own or in a team. So, the interviewer may ask some questions like the below:

6. Are you open to learning new technologies and skills?

7. Have you done any projects in the above-mentioned technologies (question 5)?

8. How and when do you learn the above-mentioned technologies (question 5)? (Self-taught or online courses or any other ways)

9. What is your favourite language and why?

10.  What’s the most puzzling programming challenge you have come across recently?

These questions are all individualistic and must be answered based on personal experiences. You might have learned many related technologies and would have acquired all the skills required. So, take it one at a time and answer these questions with proper explanations each. 

Coming further are some Mock Interview procedures that we at ZEN Class GUVI provide for our students. Read on to find out from the students, now transformed as successful Full Stack Developers themselves. 

Few bonus Questions For You!

Here are a few more Full Stack Developer Interview Questions for your perusal.

11. What is the biggest mistake you did, in any of your projects? How did you rectify it?

12. /////SAMPLE CODE SNIPPET A sample code with some or no error will be given.

What is wrong with the above code snippet? How could it be improved?

13. List five ways to optimize a website to be as efficient and scalable as possible.

See, the universal fact is that whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, none of the employers will expect you to know all! However, it is essential to be prepared for the interview and show interest in the job. 

Mock Interview Procedures for Full Stack Developers at ZEN

We at ZEN Class from GUVI make sure that our Full Stack Developer Candidates are job-ready. Above all, we ensure to impart the requisite Interview readiness by taking them through repeated rounds of mock interviews. One thing to note is that practice makes a perfect programmer. So, we extend an ample amount of practice sessions with Industry Experts.  

  1. Online project tasks for Interns followed by interviews for the candidates who submit valid task responses, 
  2. Additional one-on-one mentor sessions, 
  3. Multiple Webinars and Workshops by Industry- Experts
  4. 100% Job Placement Support
  5. A portfolio of real-world Projects
  6. Certifications for each course

These are a few countable measures that make ZEN Class students stand out from the other Full Stack Developers.

Another vital thing that we offer is the mandatory internship for a time frame of a minimum of one to a maximum of three months. This compulsory internship helps us to validate candidates’ commitment to work, apart from technical skills. 100% placement support is our aim, and we take pride in having achieved it ever since we started this teaching journey.
On the other hand, if we find our candidates willing to convert into our employees, we offer challenging positions based on the opening & their preferences.

A window to ZEN Class

Segmented into three different phases viz. Pre-BootCamp Phase, ZEN BootCamp Phase, and Placement Phase.

Pre-BootCamp Phase:

We know that every student comes with unique learning styles and knowledge needed to get started. Above all, the three sessions of the Pre-BootCamp Phase help students to gear up and get warm on all requisite concepts to make the most of our Bootcamp.

Zen BootCamp Phase:

It follows 60 sessions of the ZEN BootCamp Phase. In this phase, you can become a complete MERN developer equipping yourself with the know-how to build applications from scratch to testing and then to deployment with guidance from experts from Google, Microsoft, etc.

Placement Phase

With more than 100+ hiring partners across all domains of Full Stack Development, we assure the best placements to you. So, you can stop worrying about jobs and focus on building skills. 

Want to receive more insights on ZEN Class From GUVI? Click here to find out!

Wrapping Up

Here, we have included the most popularly asked Full Stack Developer Interview questions. As already mentioned, we strongly believe that practice is the key to success. Above all, our learners prefer to practice on our award-winning practice platform CODEKATA. So, for rigorous coding practice at ease, you can click here and get started.

Have a query? Drop us your contact and we will get back to you shortly! For more Full Stack Developer Interview Questions check here:

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