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Let’s read a little about PUBG & Garena,

After almost a year of getting banned by the Indian Government to curb Chinese trade intrusion, Krafton finally managed to relaunch the PUBG mobile in India officially. After the ban, the PUBG lookalike “Garena Free Fire” saw an incremental surge in their user base & engagement. In case you have no idea about PUBG, although highly unlikely, it is a first-person shooting game released in 2017 and has become a global phenomenon, especially in mobile gaming.

The concept behind PUBG isn’t novel, but it beautifully amalgamated the idea of First-person-shooter games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, and survival games like GTA and Assassin’s Creed. It took the best of both worlds and threw it all in one game. But do you know what it takes to develop a massively multiplayer game like PUBG? What technology and software engine its performance and rendering? In this article, we will cover all the tracks of PUBG from its inception to programming languages & game libraries used for various consoles and more. So let’s dive right into it. 

The Inception of Battle Arena Gaming Troupe  

PUBG’s first map: Erangle doesn’t have much of a backstory or a fixed storyline. It’s a vaguely Soviet, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, abandoned hellhole, full of guns and homes to loot, and you and 99 strangers are jumping off of a burning plane right into it. Your parachute will ensure the fall doesn’t kill you, but once you’re down there. It’s you against the island. Ninety-nine strangers are on the hunt for you and each other. Every single one of them wants to be the last one standing. Every single one of them wants to win. Participants Hunting for weapons and armor, scrounging the map to find anything that could be of use. Looking down your sights as you open the door, and Bam! A guy with a shotgun blasts you in the face! The inception of PUBG is attributed to Brandon “The Unknown” Green.

 Gamers have always anticipated a Battle Royale Video Game, ever since the movie Hunger Games came around. However, the novelty belongs to a Japanese Cult Classic book & movie, “Team Deathmatch Island Battle Royale.” The script follows about 42 students dropped on a deserted island forced to kill each other until only one was left. Greene was fond of games like ARMA and DayZ. For those who don’t know, ARMA is a hyper-realistic military shooter, known for the scale of its combat, its attention to detail, and graphic fidelity. Greene started working with Chang Han Kim, a Korean Designer working for Blue Hole. Green and Kim’s team had the autonomy to create the game that they wanted.


The game started its development in early 2016 and the plan was to follow an early access schedule. Green and Kim wanted to get the game in customers’ hands fast for a low cost and keep improving it over time. But the foundation needed to be laid down before anything else. The team made a small game, one map, one mode, a handful of weapons were added after the launch. But from the day it was released on early access in March 2017 to today, Battlegrounds has been the same game.

Gameplay Design of PUBG

Let’s explore the gameplay design strategy that PUBG/Battle Arena  uses:

  • Large maps that allow players to explore the world while also surviving — Similar to GTA
  • A large number of online players from across the world — Similar to COD
  • Allow users to communicate using assigned voice, chat commands & emoticons — Similar to FPS games
  • Have players do just more than shooting, e.g., allow them to ride vehicles, loot crates etc. — Similar to GTA
  • Have players form teams and strategize using precise navigation for each player — Similar to FPS games

Individually these aren’t such incredible features, but when packaged together like how PUBG and its lookalikes did, it becomes a highly engaging product. While talking and communicating isn’t new to the gaming community, it was very new to them when the maps were comparatively large. Therefore it allows players to develop and explore an infinite number of strategies. 

The Technologies behind Player Unknown Battle Underground 

1. Python 

PubG’s core is being created in python. Python also assisted PubG & Freefire making it safe from hackers and their malicious attacks. And provided developers with plenty of built-in gaming features and made the game more adaptable and stable to the various settings. Python also offers several frameworks for game development like PyGame, PyOpenGl, Panda3d, Pykyra, and more. 

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2. Unreal Engine 4

Games like PubG and Freefire are created by Epic Games in the Unreal Engine 4 platform of unique game engine IDE. This engine is coded with the characteristics of enormous portability and realistic graphics instruments in C++. The motor focuses on the eight generation-based PCs running on an Android device.

3. Pearl 

Pearl 6 is a robust dynamic language with advantages for Powerful Object orientations, Strong Competition support, Syntactic simplification, and Chained Comparison. It also enables coders to code briefs and cleanly executes them within less time.

4. Java 

PubG is a cross-platform game, so Java needs to be developed and regarded as the language of side sourcing. Java is also one of the official languages of the development of the Android competition. 

5. JavaScript

JavaScript is an action-oriented language supporting various additional features for PUBG Android games, including support for different APIs and libraries. 

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7. Lua 

Lua is proceeding to pick up force in the game business. It has ascended as a standout amongst the best programming dialects for recreations because of its straightforward language structure and linguistic structure

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