Explore a new career path with Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program!


Goldman Sachs, the premier investment bank has come up with a Goldman Sachs Returnship program for India. The program in Bengaluru is specifically designed for women trying to rejoin the workforce with a gap of 2+ years. The 12-week paid-program was launched in 2013, offering individuals opportunities to explore a new career path, strengthen their technical skills and sharpen their ability to resurface back into the workforce on a full-time basis. The program also features a chance to join Goldman Sachs as a full-time employee post the internship based on performance and suitable roles. Grabbing a position within Goldman Sachs can be a huge leap in your career, given the acceptance rate of roughly 3%. of all applicants.

It’s easier to get into Yale, Harward or ‘Big Four’ than an investement bank like Goldman Sachs.

Rejoin Workforce with Goldman Sachs Returnship® Program

Goldman Sachs value experience and perspective, perhaps that’s why they are facilitating this “on-ramping” process through their returnship program. The paid program provide Job opportunities in variety of departments such as Engineering, Finance, Legal, Auditing and many others. The program offers individuals to experience a vast network of resources at Goldman Sachs. Initially launched in 2008, in USA, the program later expanded globally.

The program offers a guided period of exploration similar to an internship. The “Returnship” offers individuals with a chance to hone their skills in work environment, which may have changed significantly in wake of technological boom. It also offers participants the ability to explore new fields and learn new skills.

How to avail Returnship® Program??

The Goldman Sachs Returnship Program aims to help professionals looking to restart their corporate journey after an extended absence from the workforce. The program is available for two Indian Goldman Sachs offices: Hyderabad and Bengaluru. You have to submit an application before April 7, 2021 to avail the program. The program will commence on July 12,2021 and conclude on October 1, 2021. Reach Goldman Sachs for more details.

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