GUVI hosts [24 hour] Internal Webathon!

Our Inspiration:

Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Whirlpool hold internal hackathons to encourage new product innovation by their employees. For example, the Like button, chat button, and timeline of Facebook was created during its company-internal hackathons. Companies keep a closer watch on their data as well while employees “flex their creative muscles” at low risk.

What’s this Webathon About?

This Webathon is all about Revamping the entire Front-end of Guvi’s existing website to a much more modern and sleek design in a 24-hour internal Webathon consisting of participants who are Expert developers and Interns.

A little Nervous, a lot of Excitement But well prepared!

This is what our Interns had to say on how they feel participating in this webathon. Guvi Interns

Gamblers at GUVI

This is a huge risk. We love to gamble with fresh Talent. We trust and let our student interns build our face of the product that is the new User Interface of Guvi. We’ve handpicked the best of talents from our own platform across thousands of colleges.

This is the First in Industry where no company has allowed its interns to work on important product revamps. But we love risks, We believe innovations arise from risks.

Building Something Cool!

We are building something cool at Guvi. Our new Interfaces for the website are exciting to work on and we are so excited to see the end results of the Webathon.

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