They were wandering nervously around the welcoming area trying to identify a familiar face. The group of strangers quickly greeted each other and got acquainted with themselves.

A group of 15 strangers transformed into a single team.

Right after the briefing, the students selected a page of their choice to work with so that there won’t be any collisions during development.

“You are here because you are sincere to yourself not because you are a genius”.


This is what he told the group of keen listeners right before the webathon began. This gave them the confidence to try without being judged if they fail.

“it is not the work done that matters, but how much you learn from this. That is what is important”


Truth is, we did not know what would be the outcome, which makes it exciting.

The idea of this webathon was put forward by our CTO Mr Arun Prakash, even though the entire development team resisted the notion at first. He convinced them that it will be a new learning opportunity for everyone.

The first concern was how to communicate effectively with a group of students and how do we get them to write codes that are congruent enough for merging. This was solved by creating a set of guidelines and we mailed it to the students prior to the event.

The second concern was, what if two people were working on the same page without them knowing that someone else is already working on it. SO we decided to let them chose one page and inform their decision to the rest of the team

The beauty of this was that it is like a symphony that is being orchestrated, played and conducted as we go. Each time new and better music replaced the previous one…

But obviously it wasn’t music, it was web pages.

It was a continuous process of learning, improving and improvising.

the students were surprised by what they could achieve in 24 hours. When they didn’t believe in their capacity, we at GUVI gave them full confidence to explore, learn and implement web development

we had team meetings whenever someone is lost to encourage the students to share what they do and what they want to do.

But we soon realized that tea breaks were more efficient than any other kind of meeting. Ah, the marvel of tea!!

As hours swept by, our website started to appear more and more.

rome, the power of the former Roman Empire, was not built in a day, but GUVI, the educational hub of the world, was built in just 24 hours.

pst… our secret is pizza 😉

Our head developer Mr Muruga, from a product perspective, did not think that we could achieve anything of quality from the webathon, so he was quite surprised and taken back with the result.

The dedication shown by the young aspirants helped us develop a new website in 24 hours. We broke all the constraints and parameters to achieve this feat! so people, experiment for success!!

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