Harvard Business School’s Input To Get Your Resume Noticed In COVID Times!

get your resume noticed

7 seconds to get your resume noticed! Yes, only 7 seconds is what any recruiter consumes to decide whether you are fit for the job or not! No, we are not making this. As suggested by the Eye-tracking research the overall process of screening a resume is as short as that. Loads of dreams, aspirations, time and skills that build an amazing resume are in focus for less than 7 seconds! That is so not fair!

Well, the situations get under control through experience. However, for those of us, who are relatively new to the world of the workforce this is tough! Even for someone who is in the process of a career change, the situation is indeed based on luck! Now Harvard Business Review advises, somebody like that, surely needs to find ways to reach out! Agreed! the internet provides you with several beautiful ways to become the RIGHT candidate! But that can be overwhelming and confusing most of the time.

The writer and speaker Kristi DePaul mentioned her takeaways on tricks to get your resume noticed in Harvard Business Review. It was based on the most up-to-date guidance from the recruiters and tech experts. Below-mentioned is an interesting list of hacks that can drive candidates to make connections landing them straight to an actual interview. So, let’s not delay further and rush through the exciting list below to modernize your resume, get noticed, get hired!

Sure-fire ways to get your resume noticed

Trick the Robots & Outsmart them!

As more and more artificial intelligence (AI) tools evolve into our corporates, automation continues to grow! In short, Robots are the ones who initially compare your resumes to the requirements of the job postings. So, you are left with more than just the recruiters to impress! To get your resume noticed, you have to be picked up by smart computers. aforehand. Yes, as put to words by the CEO of DiverseForce, Sulaiman Rahman, “Organizations are increasingly depending on Artificial Intelligent systems to screen resumes. So, it’s important for job seekers to use keywords that are present in the actual job description”.

get your resume noticed

This is to say that you should finely sift through everything from the overall description to the qualifications, mentioned in the job summary. As per experts, one needs to create the resume in a language much aligned to the deliberately drafted skills and experiences mentioned in the job post. Certainly, this would be something like outsmarting the computers! And then you will stand a better chance of selection. 

Adding to this, Rahman also cautioned the candidates about the backfire they usually have to face, while they try to overdo their resumes with augmented formatting!

According to Kristi, you can always showcase your creative side by building an online portfolio. This will save your resume from being thrown into the trash bin! By including a link to your resume, you can take the opportunity to present your career and experience through colorful, eye-catching content.

Let resume speak about your skills to get your resume noticed

According to the author, a resume speaks the story of a candidate. It should show all the skills that are well-complying with the job description, making you stand out in the eyes of your recruiter. That said, like any other story, even a resume should have a HOOK that anchors a recruiter to your profile.

Right from the summary that tells all that you have to offer to your professional interests, as well as the key skills highlighting your strengths and knowledge — everything should fall in proper alignment with the job description. Explained with an amazing example, the author demonstrates that the resume should read the tale of your elegant self. 

Make sure to neatly mention any business-related programs like Excel, WordPress, etc that you’re familiar with. You should include other remote collaboration tools like chat programs, file sharing tools like Dropbox, document collaborating tools like Google Drive, or video conferencing technologies like Skype, Zoom, and everything that are relevant to the job post in your resume. 

Speaking of skills, grab any tech skill from here with an industry-relevant certificate and make a portfolio of achievements to impress the recruiters!

Projects and Real-time experience matter a lot!

Build a portfolio of brilliant projects to modernize your resume, get noticed, get hired!

The key is not to restrict yourself or your Work to the Work Experience. You can be anybody from an experienced candidate to somebody just out of college with little or no corporate work experience. 

Including significant projects and papers, is always a hit option! Group or single projects that you might have worked on as a student makes a tremendous impact on highlighting your resume. Large research papers showcase a good deal of skills that might trigger numerous opportunities for you! 

You can even enhance your skillset by mentioning interpersonal skills like Verbal and written communication skills, time management, project management, teamwork, etc just make the resume much more presentable and Ready-to-Pick!

Bridge the gap between experience and skills

This way you can stand out from the crowd, even as a student or just passed out by bridging the gap of work experience and your already-acquired skills! The pro tip here is to attach only relevant project details to your resume. You might be having an ‘n’ number of projects to your name. But only the ones that go with the job description stand relevant! 

Need help with this? We are happy to assist you! Make outstanding projects with us and showcase the same in your resume and become the top pick of every employer!

Numbers speak louder than words!

Yes, always speaking the facts with exact figures and values make your statements more relevant and understandable. 

Here are a few sentences for your reference.

  1. “In my previous job role, my explicit online presence increased social media followers hugely.”
  2. “In my previous job role, my explicit online presence increased social media followers by 700% more. “

We bet the second statement that speaks in numbers gives you more redundant and non-arguable data. 

Therefore, keeping track of any quantifiable achievements make a dramatic difference in the way your resume appears before the recruiters. 

In the same vein, this specification technique works like magic while you are in your acquired job, as well. 

A personal Cover Letter works better!

Designing a more personalized Cover letter call for a definite pick! Before sharing your resume with any employer, remember to make a gross study about them. Their social presence and official website can give you pretty good information about the companies. In short, grasp a better understanding of the organization’s needs, values, and interests. Then formulate your contributions and strengths accordingly.

Stay up-to-date and make great online connections. It will be beneficial in a long way!

Save your resume from falling into the trash. Make one that catches every Recruiter’s as well as Robots eye!

Let’s work and get your resume noticed

So, that was a brilliant list of essential tricks from the experts in the Harvard Business Review career planning blog site. These excellent tips will make your resume just awesome and noticed by one and all! Try inculcating these points while drafting a resume. This will work wonders, 100% sure. For more such fantastic blogs stay tuned with us!

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