How can Freshers get into Junior Data Scientist Jobs?

How can Freshers get into Junior Data Scientist Jobs?

Data science is everywhere around us, especially in sectors like ECommerce, Pharma, Energy  & BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, & Insurance). And, to utilize the valuable information through insights and analysis, we need qualified professionals for boosting up the business goals. Recently, with the increasing demand, the junior data scientist jobs are in a trend & are taken up by freshers. But, what all is needed for freshers to get into these junior Data Scientist jobs?

Top-Must Skills for Junior Data Scientist Jobs

The aspiring junior data scientists must be proficient in computer science mathematics, and statistics. Possessing a degree in some other specializations will also work well, if you can brush up the relevant knowledge through online courses and certifications to master the required skills.

Additionally, some technical skills are quite essential to perform the role as a data scientist. Such as, machine learning algorithms, programming skills, data visualization skills, analytic skills, etc.

Well ofcourse, to climb up the career ladder, it is important for any employee in data science team to have leadership skills, & effective communication skills. This is expected to keep other teams of an organization informed about the useful insights drawn from the data. Hence, such skills are utmost needed to develop in the future.

Pick your area of interest!

There are various data science specializations thats will propel you for better career growth. As these days, AI algorithms are in current trend for advanced analysis, predictions & recommendations. Better outcomes in a business are the mere results of enabling such algorithms with the help of data.

Top organizations prefer to hire talented employees who can implement these algorithms & chalk-out plans strategically. For that, you need to possess specialized skills in any of niche of data science. Hence, it is wise to analyse your niche area of interest and focus on it.

Here are some hot trending specializations for you to make a choice:

  • Machine Learning & Cognitive Systems
  • Business Intelligence & Strategy-Making
  • Statistical Analysis & Data Mining 
  • Data Architecture Design & Data Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Operational Analytics

Having a clarity of your area of interest is a big boom for your potential earning with a successful future scope & vast opportunities.

Is learning enough to become a Data Scientist?

Not Really! Improving your skillset is everything in any professional job role. But gaining skills through hands-on experience & doing entry level jobs is the key. Small projects will get you good experience & exposure towards the core of data science. Also, these projects will highlight your profile/portfolio among top recruiters.

Here’s a list of famous projects that worked well for many budding data scientists to pave their career.

  • Building Chatbots
  • Fake News Detection 
  • Movie recommendation system
  • Sentiment Analysis 
  • Credit card fraud detection
  • Customer segmentation
  • Image caption generator using Python

Focus on mastering Degree

Most of the junior data science jobs & advanced data science jobs are taken by engineering undergraduates. Precisely, about 1/3rd of jobs are for engineering undergraduates. Followed by non-engineering undergraduates like who completed B.Com, B.Sc & BCA. 

There are huge opportunities in the form of open jobs for MBA degree holders with relevant skills. The opening rate of jobs for MBA graduates is about 1.2X times greater than Non-MBA graduates. While MCA, M.Sc, M.Com are some degrees that come under Non MBA segment.

Developing data science skills through online courses & bootcamps alongside earning a degree is a winning mantra  for serious aspirants. The demand for data-scientist jobs is extremely high. in India alone, we can witness a whooping 179K open jobs were available in Analytics & Data Science domain since the 2nd week of April 2022.

Even top tech-companies like FAANG are manifesting data into their processes. And, the count of experienced professionals is very few in the market. Indicating the skyrocketing demand for Junior Data Scientists to turn into proficient Data Experts.

So, stir up your skills with knowledge, choose your best specialization, be determined to earn your degree & Bounce High as a Professional Data Scientist. Additionally, certifications on mainstream data science will validate your skills & programming skills like that of python will boost up you career growth. 

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