How GUVI helped a First year student get placed in Juspay

Fahad – First year student from Kalaignar Karunanidhi Institute of Technology got placed in Juspay after attending a hackathon conducted by GUVI – How to get placed in a Startup.


Fahad has shared his journey on how he got placed in Juspay with the help of GUVI.

So how did you get Started ?

I had not started coding before twelfth standard but only after twelfth and choosing engineering I started Coding. I was very much interested in Coding platforms and especially in Shell Script.

Then I came across GUVI’s Hackathon and I developed an App Store for Linux Systems that solved dependency issues and that’s how I got started. It basically depends on how motivated or interested you are and you can achieve anything.

How was GUVI’s Hackathon Experience ?

From the hackathon I got a lot of exposure and was able to meet a lot of leaders from the industry. One such was the CEO of Juspay. I joined Juspay as an intern and I am working on cloud deployments. It’s not that these opportunities are limited to Computer science students even students from different streams can do wonders. It all depends on how much you are interested in.

I must thank GUVI because I was able to meet a lot of HR’s and CEO’s in the hackathon. It was great to have panel discussions with lot of Startups and their Founders.

What do you think about the startup Culture ?

There’s no particular role in a startup, You can choose any kind of role. If you’re good at design you can go into design field, If you’re into development you can get into development. All that matters is how fast you can learn in a startup and develop something.

What advice would you give to Students looking for jobs?

Don’t limit yourself. Be open to learn new skills. Having multiple skills is what you need, you can jump to different fields that interests you. Personally, I like to work in backend and in Frontend, I like to work around all the fields this is the spirit one should have to learn and acquire skills.

Fahad – Thank you GUVI for the amazing hackathon and the great opportunity to meet a lot of new leaders and I wish everyone all the best for their careers.

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Fahad’s Interview to GUVI

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