How to Become a Web Developer in a Comfortable Way?

become a web developer in comfortable way

Did you also think that getting into IT is a big struggle? Well, busting the myth!!! Entering into an IT career as a Web Developer isn’t as hard as it seems. Oh Yes! the journey gets much better if your interest is in the Web Development domain.

Whether you’re an early professional from another industry looking for a tech career or a fresh degree graduate/student who is looking for a good chance of IT career with flexibility & decent salary, Web development domain offers the most versatile tech jobs & makes us wonder with a question on the mind –

How do I become a Professional Web Developer with zero experience?

Many beginners assume that the journey towards a tech career is a difficult one, but the path to becoming a web developer isn’t really that hard. There are umpteen resources online that train you to gain developer skills, many of which are as easy as learning ABC.

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Proceed to read & learn more about the basic steps that are needed to become a Web Developer.

3 Important steps to become a Web Developer:

STEP #1: Learn the Essential Skills You need in Web Development

A Web developer job is typically a skill-based job (doesn’t necessarily require a tech-specific bachelor’s degree), which means if you have the essential skills, you can perform the job. An important point to note is that there are two types of web developer jobs: 1. front-end development & 2. back-end development.

Technologies to master the Front-end Development Skills

  1. Modern HTML & CSS
  2. JavaScript

Front-end development is all about creating the visual interface of a website/webpage that users see & interact with through their web browser.  Basically, front end developers write code that runs inside the user’s web browser (known as client-side)

HTML and CSS are markup languages that make the solid foundation for your web development career. HTML defines the parts & structure of a web page, while, CSS defines the style (colors, font, layout) of a web page. Next, JavaScript, which is a scripting language. Dynamic content on a webpage like scrolling video, animated graphics, & interactive maps can be controlled using JavaScript. A strong grip on Modern HTML, CSS & JavaScript is enough to begin your paid work life in the web development field.

Technologies to master the Back-end Development Skills

  1. JavaScript 
  2. Flask

Back-end programming is actually a ‘behind the screen job’ while building websites. A Back-end developer writes code to request and fetch data from databases and also to retrieve data contained in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for display. 

Top skills used for back-end development include flexible microframeworks like Flask and NodeJS. Flask is chosen for being compact and capable of handling all the data processing required to support a full-featured frontend interface.

STEP #2: Pick up Web Development Concepts & Put them into Practice 

Once you’ve learned the basic & core concepts, the next step is to implement those learned concepts & see how it really works. This step needs a code editor and an environment to run & test the code. You can try practicing backend concepts in CodeKata, while the frontend can be practiced in WebKata.

While trying to write lines of code in WebKata, you can definitely pick up skills like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learning online through self-paced courses is an added advantage for working professionals of other industries & for students who are still pursuing their degrees.


A progressive career needs persistent efforts. Alongside, structured & well-curated courses enhance your learning journey. Also, this saves time & college/tutorial expenses. You can find affordable & experts curated self-paced courses here – Modern HTML & CSS , JavaScript


Discussion on any topic boosts up our learning curve, web development skills can be gained by the same trend. Participating in online coding communities like GUVI Ask-IT & GitHub helps solve various technical queries. Additionally, you can post projects, share code to solve coding problems & talk about anything about the latest technologies & software upgrades.

Both of these platforms are best for aspiring web developers to explore any development-related subject in a wide manner & gain real-world experience.


Even if you have zero IT experience, just going through sample projects & recreating a new version of it, adds enormous potential to your skillset. 

Self-paced courses, practice on WebKata, & reworking on sample projects helps in building real-time websites.


The ultimate step is to think about what kind of work suits you the best in web development. Many have the luxury of choosing between front-end, back-end, or even Full-stack development(with a value-added skillset). Good news! You can also opt for a regular job for any company or settle as a freelancer to be your own boss.

Not sure Why Web Development is the Best Choice? Read the reasons!

The journey of becoming a Web Developer is an exciting one if you’re open to learning & gaining experience. Follow the above-mentioned steps for a rock-solid career with lucrative opportunities.

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