How To Get An IT Job Without A Relevant Tech Degree

How to Get an IT job without a degree

Will you be surprised if I tell you that many top IT careers don’t require relevant degrees? So, does that mean you can get a tech/ IT job without a degree?

We have many tech giants like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and others, who are college dropouts but have made their best in the tech industry because of their outstanding skills.

About one-quarter (26 percent) of IT workers in the United States do not hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Yes! The new tech world stands on skills rather just experience or degrees. We are not really saying that degrees are irrelevant, but one can survive without a degree if he/she works on their skills. 

You have the requisite skills, you would be definitely given a chance! But for most of these jobs, you need to work on your skills including programming and interpersonal skills. So, what are the best ways to start a tech career without a degree?

Before advancing into it already, let’s have a look at the top tech IT careers that purely look for your skills.

Top Tech jobs that ask for skills more than relevant degrees

Data Scientists

Increasing demand, high salaries, evolving fields are some of the features that make Data Science jobs so propelling.

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Data Scientists have to work closely with stakeholders, analyze the business models,  design data modeling processes, create algorithms and predictive models to extract the data the business needs, and share insights with peers.

Here if you check the pre-requisites for Data Scientist job roles, you would be surprised to find that it includes an understanding of data, algorithmic logic, programming, statistics, business domain, and just about everything but no compulsory Data Science Degree!

That implies, if you can portray your Data Science skills, you can get into a good Data Scientist job. You can take up some interesting Data Science courses with 100% Job Placement assistance like Data Science Course from the Zen Class.

Mobile App Developers:

Proven work experience as a Mobile developer, especially third-party libraries & APIs, portfolio of applications on the App Store, or the Android market, in-depth knowledge of at least one programming language like Swift and Java, with familiarity with OOP design principles- these are some of the pre-requisite skills needed to get into a Mobile App Developer job role.

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So, you can get into this trending lucrative job position with the right tech skills and no relevant Mobile Application Developer degree. Interesting?

Web App Developers

Again, on top of the highest-paying tech jobs, Web App Development is a rising career that is in great demand. Above all, this tech career looks for your programming and UI skills and asks for no specific tech degree, as such.

Cybersecurity Professionals

When we analyze a career in cybersecurity, a plethora of jobs demand core knowledge in cybersecurity. Security consultants or Security Systems Engineers are an integral part of any company. Likewise, IT directors/managers/consultants and Security auditors/architects are also leading globally in companies. 

Chief information security officers (CISOs), Chief compliance/privacy/risk officers, Systems analysts, or administrators are some of the other professionals who need to have a strong understanding of cybersecurity principles. 

To sum up, network specialists, analysts, managers, architects, consultants, or administrators are the major domains where the professionals need a thorough understanding of cybersecurity. 

A job so demanding might need skills to outdo the same. Is that what you are thinking, as well?

See, the pre-requisites for the Cybersecurity profession:

  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  2. Problem-solving ability
  3. Experience in different security specializations
  4. Analytical thinker
  5. Certification: Check here.

See, in the case of Cybersecurity too, you can achieve a good career if you go ahead and upskill yourself with relevant skills and Certification.

So, if you are looking to start a career in Cybersecurity, you should check out our cybersecurity course!

Ed Tech Company Teachers

To educate the tech geeks, you need an excellent Tech Geek! Oh, Yes! you can upskill yourself in the technology that inspires you most and get yourself started as an EDTech Company Teacher. All you need to do is convince your recruiter that you are capable of training and imparting the requisite skills to the aspirants.

So, how to get an IT job without a degree?

These tech jobs are a few of the most high-paying ones, too. Anyone with the relevant skills is more likely to get into a good job with these profiles. 

So, how do you possibly get into a tech career with no relevant degrees? What are the best ways to start a tech career without a degree?

1. Take Online Courses & get certifications & skills

Today, Ed Tech companies have grown wonderfully. From teaching the requisite skills to providing certifications, they assist you in everything till you reach the top of the ladder with the best job opportunities. Isn’t it that amazing? So, you can just enroll in some good Ed Tech courses or boot camps and acquire the best possible skills with a good handsomely paid tech job!

2. Build a solid project portfolio

Building a project is the best way to learn all the related skills. And at the same time, you can showcase those skills in the best way through your portfolio. So, ensure to make a very strong project portfolio before landing in for any job interview. 

3. Be willing to start from an entry-level position in StartUps or Freelancing jobs

The recent trends tell that StartUps are seen keener to take freshers and not-experienced professionals and then train them according to the company standards. That solves multiple problems in a single go. And how?

Pay comparatively less to the freshers and train them fresh to mold them to specific company goals! Isn’t that cool?

The idea of this point is that, if you are looking forward to getting into a good tech company you can start small and then jump multiple times to reach your dream job. This will help you acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge & at the same time gain a good experience. 

You can also get an IT job without a degree this way.

4. Highlight your skills and strengths and present them well

           Procuring the skills is only half achieved. To make a grand entry into the tech world, you have to build a brilliant resume with the best of your skills (relevant to the job) highlighted and then presented to the recruiter. Convincing the recruiter that you have the knowledge and you can be a key player in the company’s growth can give you a golden chance of survival. 

This is one of the best ways to start a tech career without a degree.

5. Learn Programming skills & acquire the interpersonal skills

Most of all the tech skills, ask for solid programming knowledge. So true, when it comes to startups as well as big MNC’s. 

Along with the basic requisite knowledge, you should have good programming skills and should possess great interpersonal skills/ soft skills. 

6. Keep an eye out for advancements in technology

Keeping abreast with the technological advancements, makes you stand in a better position to track the progress and learn and grow further. It shows your interest and recruiters find you a better candidate whatsoever. 

You may choose to stick to all these best ways to start a tech career without a degree.

Wrapping Up

So, what are the best ways to start a tech career without a degree?

Upskill yourself and build projects that shout out your skills at the best. Stand out with Certifications and laud your performance in Social networks. 

We would like to know more about your interests and aspirations. So, drop your words in the comment section below. Also, leave us your contact and talk to our Experts about your career issues, if any.

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