Corporate Jargon – Part 1

Ramp-up – (positive circumstance) increase or build up the resources for a project (resources includes human, infrastructure and others). How to use: The XXX account is ramping-up because of the new project win.

Ramp-down – (negative circumstance) decrease the number of resources for a project (resources includes human, infrastructure and others). How to use: The XXX account is ramping down because they have had no new wins.

Resources -includes human beings involved, building space requirements chairs, computers and everything else required for a project. How to use: We have to include expenditure on resources while estimating the budget for the project.

Traction -progress made by GUVI or your team based on business growth. How to use: We see some traction in the XXX project.

Hard stop -a specific time by which somebody would like the meeting end (informs the leader about it before the meet starts). How to use: I’ll need a hard stop at six as I have another call.

Touch base -talk or e-mail somebody to find out some information. How to use: I have to touch base with the account manager to find out the client expectations.

Leverage -taking advantage of something to achieve another thing. How to use: We should leverage our capabilities to get new logo wins.

Logo win -when GUVI adds a new company to its list of clients. How to use: The XXX customer is a new logo win for GUVI.

Going forward -in the future. How to use: Going forward, please use the style guide for the project.

Silo -a separate space; when you work by yourself without interacting too much with team members. How to use: Don’t work in silo.

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