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Are you a student aspiring to enter into the IT field? or Are you an IT professional looking to upskill or switch careers? Then probably you might be in search of a good Ed-Tech institutes where you can procure the requisite skills for any desired career. Transforming the tech platforms today, ravishing Ed-Tech companies commit to enhance the learning abilities of the techies by incorporating technological initiatives and progressive learning curves. Showcasing one of the most creative and innovative StartUp Ed-Tech, back in 2019, and then multiple times, YourStory had introduced GUVI Geek Network Pvt. Ltd. with the headline- 

WATCH: How IIT Madras-incubated GUVI is bridging the language divide and making life easy for recruiters


For those who need an introduction to YourStory- YourStory is India’s biggest and definitive platform for startups and entrepreneurs related stories, resources, research reports, and analysis.

Our Story in Your Words 

Yes, we have got attention from multiple platforms. We are glad that they thought our story was worth sharing. 

So let us share a glimse of our journey. GUVI started off as a volunteering activity with videos explaining technical jargon in native languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali and Kannada. After receiving amazing feedback from learners not only from India but across the globe like UK, Canada, Germany, France, US, Singapore, the Geeky Trio (Mrs. Sri Devi Arun Prakash, Mr. ArunPrakash, & Mr. S P Balamurugan) started GUVI. Back then, funded only with a seed capital of Rs 10 lakh until GUVI was incubated by IITM’s RTBI, it was only an online mentoring and learning platform. Now, coming a long way ahead GUVI still primarily focusses on IT-based technical learning in vernacular languages.

GUVI was officially launched in November 2014. GUVI’s YouTube channel gained traction very easily and got a number of organic views eventually. Each course by GUVI is a hot brew of video lectures pinpointing context-based learning, short notes, coding playground, assignments and assessments. The video lectures are in vernacular languages, while holding the text content in English. The platform allows users the option to choose the language of his/her choice.

GUVI’s practise coding platforms are a good place to strengthen the coding concepts. Award-winning platforms like CodeKata, WebKata, MicroARC, and Project Board provide immense opportunities to the learners.

To learn more about GUVI, click here
GUVI story

What do we do? Which window to GUVI would you like to open? 

A day at GUVI would be enriching for your brains! The techies here are a bunch of friendly, witty young minds coming together with a vision to spread the joy of learning. Most importantly, the mission of every GUVIan is primarily to deliver education making simple learning accessible to every student.

On the other hand, as the tag line says “tech deserves you”, GUVI ensures that the Tech Companies receive the best suitable candidates for their proposed Tech role. From the various levels of performances of the learners, GUVI shares the best profile to the recruiters and delivers opportunities to the coding heads. Providing 100% Placement Support, GUVI has deliberated lucrative jobs to all of its qualified students.

So, it is a platform where any individual can-


Practise is the mantra that any coding geek should take up!

What makes GUVI UNIQUE?

Now, before you put up the question, here is the difference that you are looking for. Yes, we agree! Almost all the EdTech Companies, as of date, make efforts to inculcate all the best features that compel you to turn to them.

However, GUVI stands out from the rest in its vernacular nature and simplified teaching methodology. GUVI is the first of its kind, vernacular learning Ed-Tech platform! GUVI strives to extend Tech skills to the remotest areas of the country where people might possibly find themselves somewhat laid back in terms of the official English language. Surpassing the boundaries of teaching, GUVI believes that learning tech skills really don’t have to do anything with language. Language is not a barrier, it is just a mode of communication. And acquiring any skills should not necessarily be limited to the constraint pertaining to English speaking and understanding. To learn more about GUVI consider visiting us here.

Master any Tech skill with EASE in GUVI

Expressing his thoughts about GUVI, Co-founder of GUVI Geek Network Pvt Ltd, S.P. Balamurugan says,

“It’s Telugu-ish (Telugu + English), Tamil-ish, Hindi-ish. It’s not a crude word-by-word translation, but how we would talk to our friends – in a colloquial manner – to understand anything. That’s what we apply to the learning aspect.”

Power of Our Thoughts!

Extending the same, the Founder and CEO of GUVI Geek Network Pvt Ltd, Arun Prakash says-

“The idea is not to teach in vernacular. It is to teach them skills. There is a big gap between academia and industry. That has to be bridged in a better and faster way.” 

Marching with a laser focus on making a grand impact on tech learning scenarios, the IIT-incubated Edu-Tech company GUVI, recently added stars to its collar by earning a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD! We won this record with a record breaking event- AIForIndia – teaching programming language to the maximum number of learners in a single virtual event.  

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