Introducing Placement Preparation: Your New Go-to resource to help you ace aptitude.


While our Zen Class Programs & GUVI courses go a long way toward helping learners acquire new tech skills & reach their professional goals, our team always strives for something more. As a leading EdTech company, we are headstrong to join you at every step of your learning & placement journey. Maybe that’s why we went back to our lab and cooked something new & inventive.

Placement Preparation is GUVI’s latest product to help you ace your aptitude: Quants, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation. A hand-picked selection of questions, formulas, tips, tricks & shortcuts- all curated thoughtfully for better retention. So you can stop memorizing & Start Understanding.

An Aptitude Test?

An aptitude test is an assessment used to determine a candidate’s cognitive ability or personality. It’s a set practice, followed by almost all companies to predict the likelihood of your success in a job role, whilst eliminating all bias through its standardized administration. The best way to ace an aptitude test & maximize your recruitment chance is to PRACTICE. But how?

We’re redefining Placement Preparation. You’re in.

We studied several placement preparation tools & platforms and found a huge gap between what industries are expecting & resources available online. Most of them are stuffed with countless study materials, but none of them follow the right approach, thus making the whole process a wee bit tedious. With our latest product, we smooth out your preparation journey with the most inventive solutions to a problem. We’re hellbent on offering the most easier solution to a problem by simplifying the whole process.

With this approach & the right amount of practice, We’re sure that you’ll be able to identify patterns, recognize question styles and solve them in much lesser time than expected. Ultimately our main goal for you is to invoke the confidence necessary to ace your aptitude tests. For now, we have practice materials for most in-demand aptitude tests, although we’ll be rolling out more features in the future. You can visit our website to solve practice problems for Quantitative AptitudeLogical Reasoning & Data Interpretation. You can also view a topic-wise distribution for clarity.

And that’s just half of it…

You’re most likely to encounter aptitude tests in selection for all Job Sectors: especially multinational IT companies. However, some rely heavily on verbal data to assess if you can make astute decisions while others look for your cognitive ability. With our latest product, you can prepare for company-specific aptitude tests. Currently, you can prepare your aptitude competency for MNCs like InfosysWIPROTCS & Accenture. You can also go through previous years’ tests & assess yourself.

We forgot to mention, All of this is completely FREE to use.

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