Is Switching Careers From Non-Tech To Tech Challenging?

Full stack developer skills

How To Procure Full Stack Developer Skills?

“Being a Non-Tech background tech aspirant, can I get into Tech, especially into the trending Full Stack Web Development? What Full Stack Developer skills should I learn?”


This is the question that we as an EdTech with courses in Full Stack Development often face from our newly enrolling students. Seeing this confusion cropping around for a while now, we decided to jump in, with a quick answer, to this in-vogue query about the career switch from non-IT to IT. 

In our over two decades of experience, we have seen several students from Non-Tech backgrounds successfully transitioning to IT domains, especially into Development. 

We feel there is no restriction in the tech domain. Even for our advanced Tech courses like full stack development, skills requirement is kept to a minimum. We keep the entries open for all aspiring and interested students. Something we want you to know is that tech is all around us, and anyone can cultivate interest at any point in time. 

That said, challenging yourself by putting into the alien tech world takes augmented efforts and practice. Anybody can become a techie for sure, but it takes a great deal of zeal and hard work. Being a full stack developer, the skills to be exhibited are huge, you see!   

What are the current market trends?

In Stackoverflow’s annual developer survey, around 100,000 interviewees stated that only half of the professional developers had a bachelor’s degree. Reports also suggested that the software development field turns out to be dominated by passionate newbies. The main observation then made was that most professional developers were relatively new to coding. 

“Only 55% have been coding for less than eight years, and a 1/3 have been coding for less than five years.”

Stackoverflow’s annual developer survey.


That is to say that professionals transitioning from other non-IT fields into core IT development seemed to be immensely high. Tech is somehow influencing professionals from every domain to give it a never-getting back chance whatsoever. Professionals are hugely shifting by adopting new Full stack developer skills, for example, and are making their big-time hits!


One thing that we found strikingly interesting is -almost all professional developers enjoy coding as a hobby. And that great developers emerge just with a flick of hobbies.


How & Why does a transition from non-IT to IT benefit you? 

The demand for techies has exponentially risen in the last decade. In the light of Covid-19, the world of work has more or less digitally shifted with ease. 

“Most global enterprises are seen expanding with digitization and automation. Due to this, the demand for IT professionals has at least doubled in the last 14 months.”

-reported the Indian Staffing Federation (ISF)  


Market Point of View on career switch from non-IT to IT:

The 2021 market has witnessed a sudden surge in demand for digital skills. Booming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, IoT, Blockchain, etc., are calling loud for freshers and other non-tech graduates.

Owing to the supply-side pressure, a tangible shift towards immediate hires of fresh graduates is happening, says ISF. The highest is on the Tech-side, which is somewhere around 24% in 2021.


Career switch from non-IT to IT- Aspirant Point of  View:

Bidding the current situation, bolstered with highly-paying, attention-seeking, interesting job roles, IT is in the limelight and an attractive room for even non-IT background professionals. So switching careers from non-Tech to the so-called high-profile tech is trending all the more. 

Though most IT professionals complain about sitting in a pressure cooker feel, IT has always stayed on the greener side for the mushrooming graduates. The main reason, which we underline, is the dynamic nature of the jobs, calling for more innovations, and of course, the packages, which we can ignore the least. 

What to do to make the transition from non-IT to IT possible? How to get trained with Full Stack Developer skills?

  • Garnering the requisite skills for the kind of role that you are aspiring to reach should remain your primary goal.
  •  Ensure to highlight the key learnings, responsibilities handled, and achievements in your non-tech role. 
  • Consider the transferable skills that you have picked up from your previous non-tech role(if any) and highlight those when you look for opportunities on the tech side.
  • Earn the certificates and keep yourself open to challenges.
  • Practice a lot and make sure you are ready to face the challenges in the interviews
  • Network hard and keep learning, because tech is ever-growing and reinvented every hour.

At the end of the day, organizations are nothing but a group of people, all striving towards a single goal. The interpersonal and communication skills honed in your non-tech role will be of use in tech roles as well.

How can ZEN Class from GUVI help You in your career transition from non-IT to IT?

Switching from non-IT backgrounds to IT is becoming rather easy these days, thanks to EdTech Companies like GUVI. GUVI is working towards such speedy transformations. For the absolutely new or beginner programmers, GUVI follows a step-by-step transition protocol. Guiding you in the right direction, GUVI ensures that no compromises are made and the right talent meets the right tech. 100% Placement Support is the best feature that ZEN Class from GUVI gives you. 3 month live/ online courses on Full Stack Development is a good place to switch your career from any background to purely tech domains.

That said, candidates just need to get counseled properly and enroll in the right course that they carry an interest in. Thereafter, it’s on EdTech to handhold you with good mentoring, hands-on practice, rigorous mock interview drills, and quality industry exposure, augmented with tech and interpersonal skill enhancement drills. 

ZEN class: Successful transition with Full stack developer skills

Specifically speaking about the ZEN class from GUVI, one of the prime reasons why Full Stack Development training stands different from others is the training methodology itself. 

The courses are way simplified for easy learning every topic is covered from scratch. These courses provide added value with industry-recognized certificates. The practice platforms like Codekata, Webkata, & MicroArc present a planet of hands-on on all related skills. All these are in a way incomplete without the marathon of mock interviews and other value-added activities like seminars, workshops, and more.  

We have seen tremendous transitions from non-IT to IT and internally within IT too.

Hear this testimonial that is a sample of such a transition.

Switch from non-tech to tech with Full Stack Developer skills

Wrapping Up

It’s quite obvious for anyone to develop a different interest altogether. And tech has been under that limelight for quite some time now, any professional can feel a wavering interest to move into tech and development. 

Master Full Stack Web Developement with Industry-Recognized Certification & 100% Placement Support!

If you are one of those non-tech background professionals who are willing to move on to Tech and not know how? Then probably our team of Expert Mentors, who are Industry-Experts themselves can pitch in and discuss your interests. Feel free to drop your contact information here and Experts will contact you shortly.


A traveler, and explorer, Archana is an active writer at GUVI. You can usually find her with a book/kindle binge-reading (with an affinity to the mystery/humor).

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