Java Programming To Advance Your Career

Ace your career with Java programming

Are you aware of the fact that there are thousands of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed? And it’s just adding on every day… Even NASA uses Java for several intriguing applications. In fact, when you look for any Full Stack Development Course with Placement or dig deep into any android games that you likely play, say Minecraft, RuneScape, Project Zomboid, FIFA 11, Simcity, or Spiral Knights (rather many more to this list); they most often are written in Java or have Java as a foundation element. That is to say, whether it is Web Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data or Cloud, you can trace lump some amount of stuff coded in Java. Long story short, Java is everywhere! Java’s Write Once, Run Anywhere philosophy allows it to be used in many ways on a wide variety of different devices.
Java- one of the most widely used programming languages!

Since its initial launch in 1995, Java has only grown in popularity. Celebrating its 27th anniversary, the World’s most-used programming language made a mark and stated that it is still powering up most of everything that you touch even today! Despite the introduction of Kotlin, which we now use in so many Android apps, corporate mobile app development companies still use Java for user interface and backend coding. And several Full Stack Developers trace their career path ignited with Java.

And that is the reason why, when you consider any Full Stack Development Course or game development one, Java would be at its core and will help you with Placements, literally. Because employers are basically looking for Java skills as a basic requirement. Even if you are a junior Java programmer, your chances of getting hired are 10 times more than any other developer. And your pockets will only keep smiling, pandemic or not!

Why is Java so popular? And, Why is Java preferred over other programming languages?

This widely used coding language sees over 12 million active users. And perhaps 3-4 million more developers than any other developers worldwide. It is because Java feasibly helps in developing and deploying exciting applications and services. And how?

Java outstands all other programming languages and is one of the most dramatically used programming languages because of the following features:

  • Simple
  • Object-Oriented
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Platform independent
  • High cross-functionality
  • Portable
  • Supported by huge community backing

Find any Full Stack Development Course with Placement and you will have Java there because… Read here: What Skills Are Associated With Full Stack Developers

Java programming
Online IT Course: Master Java

Find the best Java Interview Questions here: JAVA Interview Questions with Answers

Is Java Development a good career in 2022?

Yes, no doubt! In fact, Java Full Stack Developers are the most wanted in the tech industry.

Despite its ageing, Java is still the King of all programming languages. The demand for Java developers is still all-time high, with no signs of losing the gait. More than 10K companies worldwide use Java in their tech stacks and this number is only augmenting. Top companies including Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Google, Amazon, Instagram, Spotify, etc., have java at their core.

Many websites including O’Reilly Java, Sun Developer Network (SDN),, IBM’s Developerworks, Devx, etc. stand on Java, primarily.

Get placed as a Java Developer: Prepare with Java Interview Question

What do Java Developers do?

Okay, all that said, one thing is sure Java developers are quite a demand! However, let’s step ahead and understand what will you do as a Java developer?

A Java Developer basically performs the following:

what do java full stack developers do?

  • Develop applications and software using Java programming language.
  • Team up with web developers and software engineers.
  • Incorporate Java into business applications, software, and websites.
  • Identify and analyze any issues or problems & foster efficient solutions for the same.
  • Collating and documenting user requirements.
  • Analyzing data and quality assurance testing.

So, what is the average salary of a Java developer?

As per a report by Glassdoor, the average salary of a fresher Java Developer is ₹5,61,001 per year in India with an average estimated additional pay of ₹70,001 per year. So, that makes Java developer roles more fascinating. And, the pay scale varies from a minimum of ₹200k per annum to a maximum of ₹ 1 million per annum. Ranked Very High Confidence by Glassdoor, a Java Developer is an aspiring job role, much-in-demand, that provides a decent salary!

If you take your java development one step further with some Full Stack Development courses then you surely can skyrocket your career with brilliant Placement!

Advantages of Using Java: Why do developers go back to Java?

  • Java follows the same OOP principles as C++, but it supports a broader range of systems. So, Java is considerably simple to learn when compared to other high-level programming languages.
  • Most importantly, this object-oriented language is secure and economical to maintain.
  • Java programs run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). They are converted into generic bytecodes that can be executed on any system. 
  • Thanks to its platform independence! Java is versatile and you can use it on various platforms. That makes it very useful for developers. 
  • Java provides automatic garbage collection. And it provides an efficient memory allocation strategy.
  • Moreover, it is a distributed language that supports multithreading
  • Furthermore, Java receives regular updates to remove bugs. And so is stable and reliable to use.
  • Above all, it has massive community support.

So, look into any Online IT Course and find Java there. Moreover, Java Full Stack developer skills are the most in-demand and trending in the market. And Java Full Stack developer courses

Disadvantages of Using Java: There must be some!

  • One major downside when it comes to Java is that it takes up more memory because of the huge Virtual Machine.
  • When compared to Python and C#, the GUI builder in Java is poor and is incapable of building very complex GUIs.
  • Most importantly, Java focuses on the storage of data. However, when it comes to protection with a backup facility, Java falls behind.
  • Many developers prefer to use Python or C++ than Java, owing to its complex code and verbose.
  • Although this general-purpose programming language- Java, still remains free for use; for development and to access all features of Java, you need to pay a fee!
  • And, Java appears to be slower because:
    • Interpreter’s work of converting the code into machine language
    • JVM’s job of performing various backend functions
    • Also, Automatic garbage collection

However, in comparison to other languages, Java has a limited number of drawbacks and so programmers still go back to Java!

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So, How to make a career in Java Programming?

  • Build a solid foundation
  • Get Certified or Gain equivalent skills
  • Apply to Java-oriented companies as a fresher
  • Attend Developer Conferences
  • Join Developer Communities
  • Code, Code, and Code
  • Stay up to date
  • Go Freelance
  • Join Online IT Courses like Zen Class GUVI

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Java programming to advance your career

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