Let’s all mourn for our Missile Man. But let’s not stop with that.

It’s been a sad & emotional week.  Yes.  Our missile man & India’s pride Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is no more with us.  I have never seen any leader showered with so much love.

What a great leader!  What a great inspiration!  A great man who has followers from all religions, all regions, in fact all over the world.  And above all, his humility is what makes him so much greater.

We all are sharing his quotes, his videos, his speeches, tributes in all social media.  There is a lot of discussion happening about him this week in Offices, Colleges, At homes, everywhere.

But if you really care about his greatness and his vision for India, his vision of a united and strong India, start doing something.  Dream big.  Work to make that dream a reality.  Let’s join hands and make India a super-power.

And who has the power to do it.  The students.  Yes, (if students are reading this) you are the future.  So, dream big.  Become Scientists, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Doctors, Architects, Artists, Celebrities, Politicians, IAS officers, etc.  Try to be the best in your field.

Will the path be easy? No.  But fight it out till the end till you fulfill your dreams.

And who has to support, inspire and guide them.  Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Fathers, Mothers, Politicians everyone should themselves dream big, work hard, achieve big and inspire the students to dream big.  Achieve big.

Let’s all mourn for our Missile Man.  But let’s not stop with that.

Let’s all come together and do something really great.  Let’s try to excel in whatever field, we are in.  Let’s make his dream come true and let us make our own dreams come true as well.  Let’s all share our knowledge and inspire our fellow beings and the generations to come.  Let’s all learn and explore the world.  Let’s all push our boundaries and go beyond our limits.  Let’s all care about our fellow beings.  Let’s all achieve something great and in the process, contribute to the vision of India 2020.

That will be the apt tribute for this selfless & great Scientist, Visionary leader Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

We will end this post with few of Sir’s great quotes:

abdul-kalam-quotes-sayings-strength-motivational-quote-wise 0 15-10-2012-01 A.P.J+Abdul+Kalam APJ-Abdul-Kalam-quotes-images-for-whatsapp-dp8 apj-abdul-kalam-quotes-love-your-job-images-7 we_should_not_give_up-637-163 APJ-Abdul-Kalam-quotes-images-for-whatsapp-dp2 17a8ed1356765d9dc4c53bed96abba3f 11-inspirational-quotes-from-dr-apj-abdul-kalam_143805824370


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