Life changing Hackathon Experience of 4 college passouts from rural background

Hi friends, This is Rajaraman.  And I am back with an important update.

I am here today to talk about the life changing Hackathon experience of 4 youngsters from rural background.

I hope you all know that Hackathon is a 1-3 day continuous event, where the participants are expected to form an idea, plan & finish a working product within the deadline.  It can be a website or a mobile app.

Hackathon is pretty much a very popular event & a regular event especially for the folks in the city.

But for 4 youngsters (3 college freshers and 1 final year college student), it was a game changing experience.  Yes, they are from an engineering college from the ourskirts of TamilNadu.  And they are not used to hackathons, coding competitions, etc.

But this time it was different.

GUVI encouraged the energetic but reluctant 4 youngsters to attend the mobile hackathon conducted by Startup Weekend in colloboration with Vellammal Institute of Technology.

Who are they?

Arun Pal,Devi, Sapthagiri & Purushoth – Youngsters who are willing to achieve something in the software world.

Hackathon guvi

What was the event?

A 54 hour startup event where an idea needs to be formed, business model needs to be created, coding, design and market validation should be done & a mobile app should be ready within 54 hours.

What they achieved in 54 hours?

They built a fully functional mobile app (Android) in 54 hours.  It was a mentoring application.  They had never built a mobile app before.  Considering that & the fact that they didn’t have access to great infrastructure during their college days, it was an excellent achievement.

Did they win the competition?

They didn’t.  And we are least bothered about it.  WHY?

Because they participated.  They took a baby step.  They took a step towards continuous learning.  They understood how a software is built.  They understood the importance of deadlines.  They emerged more confident.  That in itself is a huge victory for us.  Yes, raising the confidence level of 4 energetic youngsters.  That is very satisfying for us.

Few words from the Star Team:

Thank you GUVI for giving this opportunity.  Its a really good experience because this was the first time.  I feel more confident now.  Thanks for your guidance, thanks a lot… – Sapthagiri

Learning was more in the 54 hours than in my entire 4 years of college – Devi

First of all, i have to thank you for giving the opportunity to participate in ANDROID COMPETITION.  I have only basic knowledge in android there i learned more from my team members amd from mentors,also it helps me to develop my communication skill. – Purushotham

Some more snaps of our star hackathon team:

hackathon IMG_1857

Our star team discussing during the hackathon:

Now we are sure we will see them prosper during the days to come.  It gives us the same feeling like a parent feels when his/her child takes the first steps without the parent’s support.

Also if you feel this post will help someone, please do share it with them.

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This is Rajaraman signing off from Team GUVI.

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